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Debbie's pogs in the lane "Woof woo-woo-wooh, wooh-wooh woof…"

Oh sorry, you don't understand 'pogspeak' do you? Better use this translation then. OK what I said was 'Hi everyone, it's Gracie here'.

If you didn't know already, Debbie's away for a few days on her 'staycation' with daddy Nigel – he's been here with her and they've been going out for trips and lunches and things. It's been nice to have two people taking us on long walks 'cos it means Debbie doesn't get tangled up in the leads so much as she walks us through the stiles!

Anyway, it's time for me to fill-in and write this week's blog – hehe!

As you know, I recently went walkabout again with my naughty sister Daisy – here we are with Patch, in the sunny lane near where we live (pic above left) – wasn't that hot weather… erm… hot?! Not good for us dogs in our coats, as you can imagine! Fortunately there are two hard plastic paddling pools in our little doggy pen which makes it easier to cool down – and lots of shade of course! You can see Holly playing around in the pool in a recent blog.

Ahh the pen. As you know, Daisy thinks it's her job to find holes in the bushes – the one side of the pen that's not five feet high. Debbie tries to keep blocking them up. Well when we escaped a week or so ago, I followed Daisy down the lane and ended up in the ornamental pond out the back of some massive posh house. I thought it was a very good idea to have a little paddle, even though it was 10pm.

However, a nice lady called Agnes came and found me, and didn't realise my name tag was a temporary one and had a different number on it, so when she tried to call no-one replied till the next day. So I got dried on fluffy towels, and slept in a hotel room overnight, then got fed a nice can of dog food the next morning!

It wasn't till we went to the local vets at midday that Debbie got told about my safe return – I must say I did like the can of dog food though. If I get the chance I might go off wandering to see if I can find Agnes again…

Gracie wearing her 'lampshade' The next day I was due to go to the vets to have my 'bits done'. Not sure what Debbie meant exactly but the next thing I knew I'm fitted with a big lampshade on my head and have an aching belly. Not that I can see anything past the lampshade! It took a week of lying down and not moving around much and I was nearly ready to go back in the pen with my family. I must admit I missed Daisy a lot – we do play awfully well together. It was nice to get back with her.


I must say I do like living where we are – there’s always something going on and of course Daisy, Holly and Patch to play with!

Anyway I hope you had a good week, and if you have a pet perhaps they'd like to leave me a message below – Debbie knows you mention them sometimes – what's their message for me?

Nigel playing the guitar Best wishes – normal service will be resumed next week when you can find out all about Debbie's staycation with Daddy Nigel. That is if we haven't escaped again by then! Haha!

Doggy hugs,

P.S. Debbie had a little giggle last week during the Fashion Sale – here's a look…


P.P.S. Woof!


  1. Jean August 6, 2011 at 8:11 am -  Reply

    Dear Gracie,
    Hope you are feeling better after your operation, not much fun with the lampshade on is it, you keep bumping into things, and everyone stares at you. You sound as if you had a good time the other day when you escaped, was it a five star hotel that you stayed in. But I expect you are glad to be back home with your kennel mates, no place like home is there. You need to be careful on your adventures, it is a big old wide world out there. Sounds as if you have been having fun on your walks with Debbie and Nigel. Make sure you behave while they are away. Love from Simba, Ebony, Tyke, Meisha, Za Zu, Benjie, and Kia, we are all labradors, and not forgetting our kennel mate Jay the Border Collie. Speak to you soon. Woof Woof. Jean is our boss, well she thinks she is. XXXXXX

  2. Michelle Roberts August 6, 2011 at 4:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gracie, This is a little message from Dennis the Yorkshire Terrier, your blog was a good read and it’s nice to know that you and Daisy can be naughty too, some times I get in to trouble like the time I got into the cattery and helped myself to two bowls of cat biscuits and I had a poorly tummy for days,I live with three girls yorkie’s Tallulah (Toots) Rosie and Molly(sometimes known as potato head) if anything goes wrong they always blame me, like the time when my mum found a shredded toilet roll, all the girls disappeared and I was left with the mess, no supper for me that night.
    If the rain stops tonight we will be going for a walk on the beach via the late night coffee shop so mum can have a nice hot chocolate.
    I don’t know about you Gracie but my mum’s work is running a cattery which we find hard sometimes because being dogs we are not over fond of cats especially as most of them are bigger than us, its a tough life but on the plus side she is home all the time with us, right i’m going for a sleep now which bed should I use i have a choice of about ten (not spoilt then)speak soon Gracie lots of bum sniffs and love
    Dennis x x x

  3. June Jones August 6, 2011 at 5:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,noted your comment about wide fitting shoes, YES PLEASE!!!!!!YOU AND ME BOTH,Hope you succeed,with this,they are not always in the styles we like,all the best to you and yours!!

  4. Diane August 7, 2011 at 7:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gracie when Debbie has time tell her there is a fabulous book I have just read called A Nice Cuppa Tea it is written by Roz Tranfield it is her first book which is available to download via Amazon. Roz was inspired to write the book after nursing her mother suffering from Alzheimers. The book takes you on a journey of Lilys humble early life in Liverpool naming many famous landmarks through to her diagnoses. It is a fabulous read and has been written with such humour it makes you laugh out loud one minute and cry buckets the next. A percentage of the profits is being donated direct to the Alzheimers association. Until the book has generated enough interest it will remain download only which is proofing an obstacle in gaining interest. I read this book in one day I just couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend it for males females young and old. Happy reading

  5. Cheryl August 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gracie
    Its so nice woofly to read your blog. Hope you’re fully recovered from your trip to the vets and not still feeling woof.You and your sisters looked so happy to be back together.
    I bet you and your sisters loved mummy Debbie and daddy Nigel being at home and had lots of huggles.
    Agnes sounds like a lovely lady. You were lucky that someone so nice and kind found you next time it might be a cruella da vile and you wouldnt like that. Mummy Debbie was soooooo worried about you so you must promise not to do it again.
    Sending you and your sisters a big hug and cuddle (huggles)
    Love to Debs and family too
    Cheryl xx

  6. debs f August 15, 2011 at 7:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jean – and Simba-woof, Ebony-woof, Tyke-woof, Meisha-woof, Za-=Zu-woof, Benjie -woof! and Kia-woof – all labradors lilke me, Gracie-woof! And to Jay too.
    Got to let you into a secret – we didn’t behave as we should on their staycation actually! A lady brought me back to Debbie after she found me out the field, at 8.30 one morning! But I think it’ll be a long time till we escape again, given how tightly she and Daddy Nigel mended the shed afterwards!
    thanks for writing!

  7. debs f August 15, 2011 at 7:09 pm -  Reply

    haha! Two bowls of cat food – serve you right! Patch and I keep eating the plums off the ground in our garden whenever we can – which is not often as Debbie’s so eagle-eyed!
    OOO – a late night coffee shop near a beach! How lucky you are!
    hugs and sniffs

  8. debs f August 15, 2011 at 7:09 pm -  Reply

    June – will pass on comments!

  9. debs f August 15, 2011 at 7:11 pm -  Reply

    Diane – thanks for the recommendation! THere’s a little bit about living with Alzheimers in Julie Cohen’s book too – Getting Away With It – very, very well done and thought-provoking too.
    thanks for commenting!

  10. debs f August 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm -  Reply

    Cheryl – how lovely to hear from you! Yes I was lucky that Agnes found me – Debbie’s taking her a nice plant to say thank you! And yes I’m no longer feeling woof’ after my operation – in fact, what operation?! haha!
    woofs and cuddles

  11. Susanna Redgrave August 28, 2011 at 10:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie and four legged family, we chatted on Thurs at the customer event about doggie hydrotherapy. My daughter Helen and Yogi, the furry one, were delighted with the news and have checked out the website, many thanks. Now a problem concerning Belle, her wonderful black 5yr old lab.My daughter had her from birth, had problems at home and rehomed her to a labrador farm, she is back with her ‘new’ family now including two moggies, but sadly last week was bitten. Vet thought it was a fox, antibios plus lampshade failed to work. Our Belle, my favorite,is now in doggy hospital fighting for her life having discovered the bite was from a rat…………. Love your 4-legged babies a bit more this weekend and send powerful thoughts, please.
    I enjoyed out chat, maybe if they bring Lissi back we will work together, I would like that, we would have fun :)) have a great weekend.
    Kind regards
    Susanna, Yogi with the hips and dearest Belle xx

  12. Susanna Redgrave August 29, 2011 at 12:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Just a quickie, more on a personal note really, our beautiful Belle died early this morning from a massive fit due to rat poisoning :(((( the whole of Kingston is in tears. Anyway, were you serious about needing to rehome one of your brood? The girls (my granddaughters, are in bits and have already asked their Mum). Just let me know when you have a minute. I will also leave a message on reception for you, I’m not a stalker, really 🙂
    kind regards
    Susanna (Lissi)

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