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Pipa in the snow … a little bit of mine and a big bit of Mr Ramsay’s!

Ok, so my birthday has been and gone (thank you so much for all my lovely cards, text messages, facebook messages, twitter messages etc). I’ve replied where possible and if you have sent me a birthday or Christmas card, please include an address then I can send you a Christmas card in return!!!!
Gordon Ramsay food processor … anyway, it was indeed a lovely birthday. I got the most amazing jewellery box which I ADORE but there was an absence of Gordon Ramsay’s mixer - so I’ve ordered it today!! I can’t wait for Christmas and am TOTALLY inspired in the kitchen at the moment and so am sneaking myself a present from me - that’s ok isn’t it???
Mark Sargeant “Sarge”, as Gordon calls him, joined me for the show and I learned THREE tips which have TRANSFORMED my soups!!! First, sauté 2 onions in (loads of) butter, secondly add a tiny bit of chilli pepper to the onions and finally, add cream (I add low fat crème fraiche) - OH MY WORD - I’m suddenly a soup supremist!!! They are all delicious!!

Today’s soup contains: 2 onions, 2 carrots, 1 sweet potato, 1 parsnip, 2 leeks, chicken stock… and of course, the 3 tips from Sarge!!! And it will taste divine alongside some fresh crusty bread straight from the oven DELISH!!
See you soon, hope you’re enjoying your December? I’m off to the Doctor tomorrow as it’s been 3 weeks with a bad throat and I am fearing laryngitis, we shall see.

In the meantime, lots of healthy food - and if you want to keep in touch, do it here, also Facebook me (Pipa Gordon) or twitter at twitter.com/PIPALIVE (that’s my fave one as I hang out there a fair amount!!)
Muchas love and Happy Christmas!!!!

Pip x x


  1. Yvonne Thompson December 20, 2009 at 11:40 pm -  Reply

    Guildford Parking Nightmare
    Just been watching you on the last minute gifts show talking about the archos mp3 player, you made a comment about your husband having tried to shop in Guildford but parking being a nightmare.
    I actually live in Guildford but dont drive so catch the bus which only takes about 10-15 mins into town so no parking hassle for me.
    If ever you want to shop in Guildford again you are more than welcome to park at our’s always a parking space here ( and no parking fee) then if you don’t mind the short bus journey or a taxi lol, will save time and no headache and you can put the chicken in the oven as well.
    Offer is open all year – we all love you as a presenter your such a hoot.
    Feel free to contact me – hope this link works as this is the 1st time of posting – I am such a technophobe – don’t have facebook or twitter.
    HAPPY XMAS and Best wishes for the New Year to you and the family.
    From QVC fanatic

  2. Pipa December 24, 2009 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    Hey Yvonne, lovely to hear from you – and congrats on getting that post up, it worked!!! See, no longer a technophobe!!!…. you’ll be dipping your toes in Facebook next! (I have to say, Facebook can be as easy or complicated as you choose to make it, but it is fun and a great way to chat with people) As for your very kind offer, I thank you!!… I might just take you up on it and even prevail you for a cup of tea whilst the chicken is cooking! Wouldn’t that be fun?!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, much love x x

  3. carol macdonald January 2, 2010 at 3:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa – not been able to watch QVC for a while (trying to keep the money in my purse!!) so was surprised when I came on here to see you are back to being Pipa Gordon. What happened to using your wonderful Vanderburg name? New Years resolution is still essential spending only and debt clearing vital so QVC will have to be a guilty pleasure only dipped into on v. special occasions! All the best for the coming year to you and your family. Carol x

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