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Nails IncWe’ve had a bit of rocky start to June weather wise but as I type this, the sun is well and truly out and the summery vibe is in the air. And with June being Beauty Month and me prepping for a week away in Gran Canaria with The Hubz, I reckoned it was time to get my summer nails on!

I’m something of a gel nails addict so when I saw that Nails Inc have started to introduce a polish that gives you all the shine of gels nails without the hassle, I knew I had to try it. So the Tropicana Trend Collection (coming back on the Sunday 15th June at 5pm) looked enticing but I wasn’t sure about the bright colours. I thought they might look a little crazy on my hands. Well I was proved wrong! The minute I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page my nieces (who are in their 20s) and a close girlfriend of mine (she won’t mind me saying she’s 40 something) all went wild about the DOWNTOWN fuchsia pink colour! So I reckoned I made the right decision on the colour.

I’m going to take all three bottles on my hols and try the other two whilst I’m out there. The effect polish is very clever because you don’t have to fuss about going to the salon or getting someone to come around, with soaking them off and using a UV lamp to set the colour. Just make sure you have a cracking bottom coat and a top coat. I’m addicted to Seche Vite to be honest.

Austen and I have already started prepping our skin against prickly heat with our huge bottle of Gatineau Tan Accelerator. I giggled at the thought of me wearing some but it’s multi-use, combatting against prickly heat and an after sun too, so I’m happy not to pay extra.

Gatineau Tan Accelerator - 203890 Ultrasun Sports - 223418










Some people think that those of us with darker skins don’t like going out in the sun, that we don’t want to go darker and we don’t burn the sun. Well I am a sun worshipper, love laying out in it for HOURS on end. I always use a high factor to protect against burning and we’ll be packing some Ultrasun Sports because we’re partial to a dip in the pool and the sea. Yes, I have higher melanin levels so I have a certain level of skin protection but I don’t want to take any risks!

Judith Williams Shimmering Body Oil set - 206532

I love some ‘superstar’ shimmer on my skin on my hols so I’ll be alternating between my Ultrasun Glimmer and my Judith Williams Shimmering Body Oil – I so want the Beyonce look on my legs on the beach! It’s the best I can do with my wobbly shammocks without resorting to surgery!

Hope you’re enjoying Beauty Month and have picked up some fabulous items to keep your face, body and hair looking gorgeous in the sunshine!! This is my last post before my jolly olifers (as Austen likes to call them), so see you when I’m back. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter pages for some pics live and direct from Gran Canaria.


Lots of love,



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  1. Beth June 17, 2014 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    I hope and Austen are having a wonderful holiday! Ooh, beaches, swimming, relaxtion and of course sunshine – I’m not jealous!! You more than deserve it as I know you are a very busy lady and I hope you’re both having fun and meeting nice people.
    The nail varnish is fab on you, it’s a really striking and pretty colour. I am very naughty as I am a nail-biter so at the moment I am trying to get my nails looking okay enough to put varnish on! I actually biting them for a few years but let the “Furry Friend” situation of a few months back get the better of me, hey ho. We have new neighbours who have an adorable looking cat who I can’t wait to meet – one of my friends thought I sounded more interested in meeting the cat (we see her looking out of their front window most evenings) than the people! I like nice people and ALL animals so perhaps she’s right!?!
    I hope all your products are looking after your skin and keeping the prickly heat at bay? A family member gets prickly heat and know it’s not pleasant.
    You take care, have fun and will catch you on screen soon,
    Beth XXX

  2. MARVERINE COLE July 2, 2014 at 4:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Beth, I didn’t get chance to say GOODBYE but here’s a HELLO, I’M BACK instead! How are you? We had the most awesome time. Austen and I feel a bit ‘wonky’ after our week away – maybe too much sun, sea, sand and sangria. Crikey we’re already thinking of another. It was ace and I was admiring the glamorous ladies at our hotel too because it was mainly over 40s and everyone looked amazing – the men dressed up well too. Will fill you in more soon – just recovering really! lolz!
    have you met your neighbour’s new cat yet???

  3. Beth July 3, 2014 at 2:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    Glad you both had a fab time – I think good holidays are like that, you come back and it takes a while to settle back in – plus plan/save for the next holiday! You’re both so busy, it must have been great to “escape”. Glad to hear the over 40’s kept up the glamour – as a mid-40 something who ISN’T very glam it gives me hope! Am trying harder though and did go clothes shopping this week. I hadn’t said it before but I haven’t been working for a while and now have a job so spending the £ before I’ve got it!!
    Not met the neighbours’ cat yet – shame but I am determined to meet them all as they seem a nice couple and the cat just looks so cute!!
    I’m visiting a local cattery this afternoon as we’re not going to get another cat for the timebeing and Ian suggested I contacted them to see if I could visit and give the cats some extra TLC – they said yes and I’m meeting the manager later on today. Can’t wait!
    You take care,
    Beth XXX

  4. Marverine Cole July 8, 2014 at 2:43 pm -  Reply

    Oooh I’m almost as excited as you are to see the cat. Can you take a picture surreptitiously? Oh I am so cheeky.
    You know the one thing I noticed on hols were the abundance of ladies over 40 who were looking incredibly glamorous and were mega-confident. I think sometimes you just have to take the plunge. It’s certainly what I’ve been doing more since joining QVC – just trying new colours, brighter ones, different styles of things and saying to myself ‘Who cares what people say – as I long as I feel god about myself’. Give it a go – bit by bit that’s how I did it. I’m very slowly not instantly reaching for my black skinny jeans every day! lol! But I also understand what it’s like not to be working. I really do – I’ve been made redundant at least twice in my life and claimed benefits so I don’t want it to sound glib but I do empathise. Things will turn around soon, just keep the faith, stay strong, keep looking and the right opportunity will come your way. I know it will xxx

  5. Beth July 8, 2014 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    You are so lovely!! The good news is, which I didn’t explain v. well is that I have a new job, only recently started it and now waiting for pay day – yippee. It’s part-time which suits Ian and I. I’ve been asked by someone else to do another part-time job working in a local school – may only be one morning a week but I’ll walk there and can still keep the other job too. After a year of at times going round in circles, it’s all falling into place!
    I’ve not seen the cat since they installed vertical blinds – how inconsiderate?! – at this rate, I’ll be knocking on the door and asking if I can meet her in person. Will keep you posted..
    The dress you have on your QVC photo card (which you’d sent me after I’d sent you cat photos) really suits you and yes, go for bright colours. I think once we’re in our 40s and beyond, we realise that we need to please ourselves more.
    Take care and I hope all is well with you,
    Beth XXX.

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