The SodaStream returns!


Sodastream Genesis Titan Machine SodaStream, the quintessential kitchen must-have is back with a stylish new look. If you’re a fan of this iconic appliance, or even new to the device, then you will love Today's Special Value, the SodaStream Genesis drinks maker with accessories.

We spoke to brand ambassador Cate Conway who tells us a little more about herself and this fun fizzy drink maker from SodaStream!

Cate Conway Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a presenter and a passionate cook from Northern Ireland. I've been a guest on the kitchen shows here at QVC for over a year. I also act, host a healthy cooking TV show, do voice-overs for various radio and TV ads and run a wedding related website! I'm never bored.

What are the advantages of the SodaStream?

A SodaStream can turn tap water into sparkling drinks in seconds, so you forego the hassle of carrying home heavy bottles, storing them and then recycling the empties! A SodaStream bottle can last up to 3 years too, so it’s perfect for helping reduce your carbon footprint. 

You can choose how fizzy you want your drinks to be and what flavour, it's  fun for all the family – especially kids, as they love making their own drinks. Plus it's portable with no plug – so its great for outside events like BBQs and camping trips.

What makes the new Genesis machine different from its predecessors?

The main difference is the styling of the machine itself. It's very sleek and modern with trim lines and great proportions. The Genesis drinks-maker could take pride of place in any kitchen. It comes in great colours to match most kitchen décors too.

How many flavours are there and can you create your own?

There are over 30 flavours such as blackcurrant, cherry and lime, with a sugar-free range including cranberry and raspberry, lemonade and orange. There are also flavoured sparkling waters, in the Clear range including kiwi and pear.

The classic flavours like cola (also available in diet and zero) and cream soda are always popular, plus there's blueberry sport, an isotonic drink and XStream (also in sugar-free) which is an energy drink. Many people like to add the XStream to alcohol, but that's not the only mixer, there's also tonic, sugar-free tonic and ginger ale.

What is your personal favourite?

My favourite is a cocktail I make myself with the XStream energy drink mixed with cherry, it's great when I need a little boost. If however, I'm just after something refreshing, I love the pink grapefruit. It's delicious and not easily found elsewhere.

Can you personalise the drinks to taste?

Yes! That's one of the best things about SodaStream. You decide how much fizz to add, whether you want lightly sparkling drinks or super fizzy ones. Then when it comes to adding flavour you can be as adventurous as you like. It's fun to try out different combinations and create your own personal flavour sensation. That's what 'Getting Busy with the Fizzy' is all about!


  1. Graeme June 28, 2011 at 9:40 am -  Reply

    I am so excited that Sodastream is back. I am a big fan of Cate. Being from Northern Ireland I always watched her on Cooking in the Community and was delighted when she first appeared on QVC. She always sells fantastic products.

  2. Saima June 28, 2011 at 9:03 pm -  Reply

    Cate makes a fantastic presenter. It’s so refreshing to hear accents from around the UK on QVC. Sodastream is a brilliant product – I recently tried it at a friend’s house and can’t wait until mine arrives!

  3. Trisha Hagan June 28, 2011 at 11:28 pm -  Reply

    I love Cate she is always so enthusiastic about the products she sells and this shows everytime. Keep up the good work Cate and I am glad to see Sodastream is back on the market.

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