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Michaela from Gatineau

Hello Gatineau lovers!

Yes, me again! Our third show in our spring Mini Series for Gatineau is all about caring for your skin during the summer. Of all the seasons, the summer is the time when our skin, just like the garden (yep, you know how I love my gardening analogies!) blooms and is at its healthiest.

However, we mustn't take for granted that our skin can be left to its own devices and at this time of year, we still need to make sure we are devoting as much time skincare as always.


The fact that we are exposed to more UV rays means that anti-ageing skincare is still paramount, and all that time in the sun (here's hoping for good weather!) will make the skin more prone to damage and dehydration. 

Here are my hot picks…

Gatineau Tan Accelerator
Gatineau Superskin Tan Accelerator How could we possibly do a summer-based show without including this little gem? When I first started with Gatineau, they were the first company I had worked for that had a tan accelerator in their line. I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical that such a product could make that much of a difference – until I took it on holiday with me. Well, for want of a better expression – woweeee! And now it has been reformulated beyond its original brilliance; it's even better!

Launching in this show, this all-over face and body product is simply fantastic. It preps the skin for sun exposure, helping the skin to tan safely, whilst boosting the natural production of melanin, so your tan is deeper and lasts for longer.

If you are someone who burns easily, or suffers from prickly heat, this product is a lifesaver. In short, every household should have this in the cupboard for the summer time.

Simply apply every day to the face and body. If you just want to use it for your summer holiday, start applying it everyday two weeks prior to going away, continue throughout your holiday and carry on for two weeks after to prolong your tan. We don't always have this product in super size so get it while you can!

Gatineau Body Beautiful Collection
Gatineau 3 Piece Body Beautiful Collection It's time to show off some skin people! We all neglect our bodies over the winter months (who sees them after all?) but now we have to uncover what's been buried under jumpers and tights since September.

This collection contains a super size of our Vital Feeling Exfoliator, Vital Feeling Body Lotion and Vitamin A Hand Cream. Just like the face, our bodies need exfoliating to rid the skin of those dead, dry cells that make it look dull. The exfoliator contains bamboo and jojoba particles to buff away dryness and intensively moisturise, leaving the skin looking smooth and polished ready for those sun tans. Use a 20p-sized blob in the shower, lather well with water, and get working on those stubborn areas – knees, elbows and feet, before rinsing away.

After the shower or bath, dry off and apply the Vital Feel Nourishing Body Lotion all over the body. This contains lotus extract and peptides to provide deep hydration and comfort to even the driest of skin.

The Vitamin A Hand Cream is a firm favourite with clients, tackling rough skin, dry cuticles and age spots in one go. Apply a small amount to the backs of the hands before rubbing together. Use this as often as you need, and be sure to re-apply every time you wash your hands.

Well, I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to summer already! Off I go to the shower with my Vital Feeling Exfoliant…

See you tonight at 10pm for the show. Happy watching!


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