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Dark pink geraniums Hi everyone,

Grow this colourful hardy geranium collection to its full potential with a little help from these gardening FAQs, put together by QVC's gardening team. I hope they come in useful…

What exactly will I get in this set?
You'll receive nine bare root hardy geraniums in the following varieties:
3 x Ann Folkard 
3 x Birch's Double 
3 x Claridge Druce
3 x Splish Splash

Are they perennial?
Yes they are. These hardy geraniums will come back year after year. They generally produce about 100 flowers in the first year and more than 400 flowers thereafter, creating a spectacular display.

What size will the hardy geraniums grow to?
Ann Folkard – 60cm (23")
Birch's Double – 40cm (16")
Claridge Druce - 60cm (23")
Splish Splash - 75cm (30")

All four varieties have a spread of about 60cm (23").

How long will they flower for?Purple geraniums
Ann Folkard: June – October
Birch’s Double: May – October
Claridge Druce: May - July
Splish Splash: June – September

Can I plant these geraniums outside straight away?
Provided your soil is not waterlogged or frozen, you can plant your bare roots in your garden straight away. The hardy geraniums are long-lived perennials that are very easy to care for. Once established, they'll even tolerate dry spells. Their only requirements are some well-drained soil and a nice sunny location.

Where will these plants look best in my garden?
We would recommend using these hardy geraniums as a border plant. They're vigorous and easy to grow, and will quickly blend in with other herbaceous perennials. However, they can also be planted into containers to create a stunning focal point for your patio.

How often do they need watering?
Once your geraniums are established, you should give them about an inch of water a week when they are in bud or bloom. Try not to over water them when they are dormant.

Light blue geraniums Should I dead-head the plants for better results?
Removing faded flowers is a good way to encourage a second flush of colour from your geraniums. Each autumn, try cutting these plants back to ground level after they've flowered.

What other plants will complement these geraniums?
These hardy geranium plants are ideal for filling space between more upright plants in your borders and will look very much at home in a busy cottage garden planting scheme.

You can use them under roses or between nicely spaced out shrubs that allow plenty of light through. These geraniums look especially good growing with a mixture of other hardy geraniums in a continuous carpet of colour.

What kind of soil is best for these plants?
These hardy geraniums require well-drained soil to thrive. When you're planting these geraniums it's important to prepare the soil well as your plants will grow for many years in the same site.

Adding a generous handful of a well-balanced fertiliser and, if necessary, organic matter, will give the soil a fine crumbly texture that your plants will love!Pink geraniums

What fertiliser is best to use?
You should apply a slow-release fertiliser in the spring.

Which way up should I put it in the ground?
The hair-like roots go into the soil.

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  1. Shabana Akhtar August 24, 2009 at 11:37 pm -  Reply

    My geranium collection are well estalished and have been few a months nearly now but i still do not havw any flower buds showing yet?just lots of green foilage any advice would be greatdo i cut them back in autumn even if they haven’t flowered by then?

    • Ken Halstead August 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm -  Reply

      Sounds like you need to feed them with a phosphorous based fertiliser, which will encourage flower growth. Tomato feed is good example.

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