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Lisa Claycomb from Genie Hello UK ladies, it's Lisa from Genie here

I'm thrilled to be presenting Today's Special Value – the Genie three-piece Line Smoothing Collection! We put this kit together to give you a great price on a customer favourite, Genie Instant Line Smoother, and two bonus products that will help make your skin look smooth, flawless and radiant!

First, we always begin with Genie Instant Line Smoother. The name says it all – in just a few minutes this product will help smooth away the look of fine lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness. And it doesn't take two months, two weeks or two days, it just takes minutes – it's instant!

Genie three-piece collection Top tip: Everyone's skin and routine is different so please be patient when first trying Genie Instant Line Smoother. You may need to try it a couple of times to find out the way it works best for you. It's also compatible with all skincare brands. 

Here is the starting point…

  1. In the morning, after your skincare routine (that means after your serums, moisturisers and sun protection lotions) apply two pumps of the Genie Instant Line Smoother from your hairline to your bustline including your eyelids and right up under your lash line
  2. If you use a heavy moisturiser, you may need to use an extra pump of Genie Instant Line Smoother.
  3. Let it dry – do not rub it in – just let it absorb. This will take two to three minutes.
  4. Apply your make-up right on top it – some ladies think their skin looks so great they can skip make-up.

Genie PM Pure Moisture Night Cream

We developed this product in response to our customer's requests that we give them a Genie product for night; one that would extend the benefits they receive from Genie Instant Line Smoother during the day.

You will feel the instant surge of moisture as this fabulous cream is bursting with fantastic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, white tea extract, vitamins A, C and E and much, much more. It's like giving your skin a drink of water.

Top tip:  Even though it's night cream, I use this product during the day as well since it absorbs so quickly and thoroughly and I love the plumped look it gives my skin's texture. It's fine to use during the day and works perfectly under Genie Instant Line Smoother (you may just need an extra pump of the smoother).

Genie Cashmere Powder

I created this product specifically out of my own needs. I felt that my existing (very expensive) finishing powder was making me look crepey, wrinkly and you could actually see the powder sitting on top of my skin. So, I ran down to visit our chemist to put together the lightest, most beautiful powder we could create. 

Genie Cashmere Powder is triple milled so it is light and luminous; you can even use it right under your eye with no worries about creasing or caking on your skin.

Top tip:  Use your powder to set your foundation before applying mascara. That way if you 'goof' when applying your mascara, it is much easier to remove and doesn't make a mess of your make-up.

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