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Michaela from Gatineau

Hello everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the first show of our Gatineau Mini Series last night. Tonight, we have our second show, dedicated to Salon Treatments. Those of you who already use Gatineau will know that the brand was born in the salon, created by famous Parisian beauty therapist Jeanne Gatineau.

Her approach to skincare has given us some fantastic professional treatments that you can use at home. So, read on to find out how you can embrace your inner beauty therapist and give your skin the expert touch…

Anti-Ageing Gommage Duo
Gatineau Anti Ageing Gommage Duo The popularity of this professional exfoliator was so huge that we decided to launch it as a stand alone retail product. Exfoliators work by removing dead skin cells, and this one uses natural enzymes and essential oils to give the skin a real salon treat! The gommage contains menthol, which instantly perks up tired skin, giving you a wonderful, fresh-faced look.

There is a special technique for this one – use a hazelnut-sized amount of the product and pat onto clean, dry skin (if the skin is damp it will take longer to work). Then, using light sweeping movements with your whole hand, work the product in until it starts to 'fluff' off. Rinse with water, and that's it, you're ready for a mask.

If you want to use it like a real beauty therapist, apply the gommage again after the first rinse, don't bother to dry the skin this time, and repeat the process. Your skin will feel and look like it's had an aromatherapy facial in under ten minutes!

Fit for a Queen collection
Fit for a Queen collection In celebration of the Royal Wedding, you will find some special wedding-themed collections throughout our Mini Series. The kit contains everything you will need to give yourself a collagen-rich, anti-ageing facial. Inside you'll find a professional collagen mask, our well-loved collagen compresses, Melatogenine mask and our brand new Peeling Expert Microdermabrasion Cream.

Start by cleansing and toning the skin. Then, when the skin is still damp, use a small amount of Microdermabrasion Cream to exfoliate using the criss-cross method I'll be demonstrating tonight. This exfoliator contains tiny, spherical bamboo particles that give a much deeper level of dead-skin removal than most exfoliators. Work into the skin for five minutes before rinsing well with water. You'll be amazed at just how smooth and refined the skin looks!

Then, you are ready to apply the collagen mask. You'll see it comes in a sheet, a bit like rice paper. You should have enough collagen here for six treatments, so choose your area of concern (for example, to treat deep forehead lines, cut off a piece the width of the forehead) and use a wet cotton pad to press the mask onto the skin. The texture will change from a paper into a gel-like consistency. The water activates the freeze-dried collagen so make sure you dampen the sheet well. Then, simply leave the collagen on the area for as long as possible (in the salon, we leave it for 20 minutes). There is no need to rinse afterward.

While the collagen mask is working its magic, you can treat the rest of the face…

Tear open the collagen eye compresses and apply the pads under the eyes. If you are worried about lines around the mouth, just use one over the lips. The water-soluble collagen gel soaks into the skin easily, helping to plump out even the deepest lines and wrinkles. Leave the pads for as long as possible, or if you are pushed for time, simply remove them once you're done and put them back into the silver packet – you should be able to use them again.

For the rest of the face, we recommend that you apply the Melatogenine Futur Flus Radiance mask. Apply a medium layer over any remaining skin and leave for at least ten minutes.

If I were doing this treatment at home, I would make sure I had enough time to leave all three products on for as long as possible to get maximum benefits. You don't really want to be rushed for this one, so pick a time when you are unlikely to be interrupted. You shouldn't need to rinse any of this off – the creamy Melatogenine Mask should soak completely into the skin, and the other two collagen masks will not leave any residue, so my advice would be to do the treatment before bed, and just remove the compresses and the collagen sheet before you go to sleep.

Of course, as Andrew is always saying, I do like my long-winded treatments – I am a therapist after all! This is the way I would use the collection at home, but of course, if you prefer, you can just use each product separately as and when you need it.

Tune in tonight at 10pm for even more Salon Treatments and tricks of the trade, we hope you enjoy it!


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  1. susan barrington April 19, 2014 at 8:29 am -  Reply

    Hello Michaela, sorry to bother you but i need HELP i recently bought the gatineau melatogenine lux collection, im very happy with my purchase, the thing is i have never ever worn makeup or used any kind of skin care products before (im 59 years old) so was just wanted to know how i use them ie which one do i use first etc?
    Thank you Susan Barrington (a skin care newbie) 🙂 xxx

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