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Michaela from Gatineau

Hello Gatineau lovers!

It's Michaela here, just dropping in to tell you a bit more about our fabulous Today's Special Value set.

Our three-piece Summer Radiance Collection combines two of my all-time summer favourites, plus a brand new launch, to give you everything you need for smoother, glowing-looking skin this season.

Here's what you get…

Gatineau skincare collection The Melatogenine Anti-Wrinkle Eye Concentrate (special 30ml size) is a QVC customer favourite and it really helps to deliver results on the look of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, so we’ve decided to give it to you in a super size!

Containing our famous Melatogenine molecule, Hyaluronic Acid, light reflectors and marine extracts, this light fluid texture helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaving the eye area looking brighter and smoother. 

Use the eye cream in the morning and evening and apply only a tiny amount (about a third of a pump) onto cleansed skin, gently tapping the product around the orbital bone with your ring finger.

Our brand new Activ Eclat Radiance Energising Flash Concentrate provides a boost and gives you photo-ready skin in seconds! This wonderful balm contains a specially selected cocktail of vitamins and minerals, fruit extracts and light captors, and it helps to perk up your complexion and give a radiant look.

Apply the balm in the morning to cleansed skin, using just one pump. If you have a more oily skin type, you may find this is enough on its own. For those of you who prefer a richer feel to your skincare, apply your usual moisturiser and follow with the Activ Eclat Radiance to finish.

Finally, we have our fab Tan Accelerating Lotion. Every time this goes to air the phone lines go crazy, and that’s because this product is simply fantastic! This face and body moisturiser helps to enhance natural tanning whilst calming the skin and moisturising at the same time.

We've re-formulated it to give you even more peptides and I think it's better than ever. Natural plant extracts complement the active ingredients and the new texture goes even further. An absolute summer must-have!

You’ve got two options with this lotion – either apply it all over the face and body every day during summer, or use it before a holiday to prepare your skin for tanning. Start applying it to the entire face and body about 8-10 days before the holiday and continue for a couple of weeks post holiday.

Happy Summer everyone, here’s hoping for plenty of sunshine!

Michaela x


  1. Christine Hosking June 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Dear Michaela
    I am so confused with all of your products, can you please help.
    My concerns – Heavy eyelids and dark circles
    Wrinkles not too bad except for quite deep lines from nose to mouth and loss of firmness.
    Would appreciate your help.
    Kind regards

  2. Isobel June 20, 2011 at 3:34 pm -  Reply

    Dear Michaela, I am 76 years old and could do with some advice. I’ve been trying the Anti-Ageing specil offer and the Love your Skin but still don’t know what moisturiser I should use. As I’m on a pension I don’t want to make a mistake by buying the wrong product. Could you give me some advice? By the way I love the Refreshing Cleansing Cream – it feels so beautiful on my skin

  3. Michaela Taylor from Gatineau June 22, 2011 at 9:15 am -  Reply

    Dear Isobel,
    Thank you for your question. It can be tricky choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type. The first thing to address is what your main concerns are regarding your skin. If you are worried about lines and wrinkles, I would opt for Melatogenine Futur Plus Day and Night cream. If a lack of firmness or skin slackening is a concern, the best moisturiser would be Defilift 3D Perfect Design Cream. If you can’t decide, or have multiple aging concerns, I would recommend the Age Benefit Integral Anti Aging Cream, which works on the five markers of time – dehydration, wrinkles, lack of firmness, lack of hydration and uneven skin tone. I hope this helps!
    Michaela x

  4. Michaela Taylor from Gatineau June 22, 2011 at 9:17 am -  Reply

    Hi Christine,
    We have so many great products I understand it can all get a bit confusing! For your eyes – the Defilift Eye Contour Serum is fabulous at tightening up the eye area. Along with this, you can use the Aquamemory Eye Roll on to hydrate the eyes and help reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can use the two together, or you can alternate; Aquamemory during the day and Defilift during the night, it’s entirely up to you.
    I think the best moisturiser for you would have to be the Defilift Perfect Design Volumising Cream – this works on toning up the facial contours, helping to give the skin a more lifted appearance. Because it will help with improving elasticity for the whole face, you should see a reduction in the nose to mouth lines, as these can be a result of slightly slackened skin. I hope this helps you.
    Thank you for your question!
    Michaela x

  5. Karen June 25, 2012 at 9:52 am -  Reply

    Dear Michaela
    I love Gatineau and have ordered alot of different products. I would really appreciate some advice on some of them please. Firstly, eyes – i have the Aquamemory roll on which i use underneath Melatogenine future plus eye concentrate – then use the roll on as and when throught the day. Is that the correct way to use these products?
    Secondly, moisturisers – i have been using the Melatogenine futur plus advanced anti-aging cream – but recently received an Age Benefit one when i ordered the Age Benefit elixhir – and now I will receive the new moisuriser from Sunday’s TSV, which I know replaces the original Futur plus. I wasnt sure which is the ‘best’ one for me.
    Thirdly, Melatogenine Force Collagene Anti-wrinkle concentrate that I use under my moisturiser – In Sunday’s TSV there was a radiance product that was shown as used on top of moisturiser – is this in place of or as well as the Force Collagene(I have just ordered a duo of the Force Collagene and the eye concentrate).
    Then I see defi-lift and I dont have any of these (bar the volumising lip care) so I want to understand that a) I’m using the right products and b) I am using them ‘correctly’.
    I am 42, I have fairly ‘good’ skin – although combination. I have a few very minor wrinkles under my eyes (light ones) and I do get dark circles. I have a little slackening around the jaw line but I think this is more due to being over-weight – I use the throat gel too in an effort to firm up this area (as well as dieting)
    Apologies for the lengthy note – thank you for your time.

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