Gem expert Gary Rockman returns for Gem Day


Gary Rockman How times have changed. It's 2am on Sunday morning and rather than getting home from a night out, I'm giving my second son, who's 14 weeks old, his bottle whilst writing this and reflecting on the past three Gem Days that I have been a part of at QVC.

Gem Day is one of the highlights of the year and I eagerly await to see what the theme of the event will be and the collections that will be featured.

I'm delighted to be the guest on the premiere show of Canadian ammolite. Its play of colour and spectacular flash will amaze you, especially if you love your gemstone with a rainbow of colour within, like black opal.

My most frequently asked question, and the most difficult to answer, is 'what is your favourite gem stone?' I could not possibly choose just one as I favour different stones depending on what season we are in!

Spring and summer remind me of turquoise, especially turquoise from the Hubei mines; it's representative of Caribbean crystal blue waters being so free from any black veining, and very comparable to the highly prized Arizona varieties from mines such as Lightening Ridge that is no longer being worked.

I'm very fortunate to work in an industry that I enjoy so much. I showed an interest in gems, collecting crystals and shells, from a young age. My father used to take me around Hatton Garden as a child and even my first Saturday job was at a jewellers where I was trained to serve customers as well as carry out basic watch and jewellery repairs.

After graduating from the Jewellery School in Birmingham as a qualified gemmologist, diamond grader and jewellery designer and maker, I had a colourful career in Knightsbridge rubbing shoulders with some of the highest profile celebrities from across the globe.

In 2004 I opened my own jewellery shop in Mill Hill, North West London, where I spend the majority of my time. At QVC I love the opportunity to discuss and share my knowledge and experiences of various gemstones and the designs in which they are set.

When I look at a piece of jewellery, it takes my mind on a journey. Initially starting with the inspiration of the design and the impact of it, the properties and qualities of the gemstones, to the way in which they are fashioned. I then put on my retailer's hat and think of who would wear such a piece and how much it would sell for. This will often give me the inspiration for my own designs.

I look forward to seeing you all again on Gem Day.


Tune in to see Gary with the premiere of the Canadian Ammolite Collection at 7pm on Monday 16th May

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  1. Lotus May 15, 2011 at 10:43 pm -  Reply

    Hello Gary
    It’s always good to listen to a gem expert speak about the fantastic treasures mother nature has given to us.
    I bought some Tibetian Andesine oval stud earrings in white gold and love them. Will QVC be a doing a matching oval solitaire pendant in white gold? I understand that the quality and untampered with stones only come in certain sizes, so a pendant might not be able to be much bigger than the earrings (is that right?) Look forward to hearing from you on this and any other interesting info you can give me about this stone. How hard is it on the Mohs scale? What is the best way of cleaning the stone? (washing up liquid and a toothbrush, ultrasonic machine, or diamonique anti tarnish spray?)
    Thank you!

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