Gardening in this chilly weather


The plant on the right has been treated with Young plant food, the one on the left has not Filming in the QVC garden on Wednesday in a biting cold wind, I cheered myself up remembering the old adage "When March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb" I just hope the warm weather arrives soon!

It has been bitterly cold in the garden recently, I did treat my lawn to an application of Lawn Magic and, four days on, the grass is  greening up well, but I've spent most of my time pottering in the shelter of the greenhouse.

Much to my delight, my late February-sown seeds are germinating – I'm like a kid when this happens. I still get an enormous thrill when the first seedlings germinate every year. As ever, I've covered the seeds with vermiculite, it acts like a duvet and really does boost the germination rates.

This season's trial of Young Plant Food is progressing well. I'm growing the plants under special lights to supplement the low levels of natural light. Half of the plants have been treated to two applications of my Young Plant Food and the others are relying on the nutrients in the compost.

The picture above shows the dramatic difference. The plant on the right has been treated with Young  Plant Food, the one of the left hasn't. Just look at the difference in the quality of the root system! What you can't see from the picture is that the young Plant Food-fed plant is also just about to burst into flower with eight flower buds and the non-fed plant is weeks behind. As I mention on the gardening shows, no wonder so many professional growers use this feed for better growth and earlier flowers.

The other exciting news this week is that I've just started writing a fortnightly coloumn for Amateur Gardening. The first column is published in this week's issue (March 5th) in which I launch a search for the nation's oldest indoor cyclamen. It'll be fascinating to find out who has the record breaker. Is it older than Julian? Is that possible? Watch this space!

Happy Gardening!

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