From Joey to Tomtom…and Alan!




Well, there's never such a thing as a dull week for me at QVC!

Last week I had the very good fortune to meet Joey Essex of 'The Only Way is Essex' and 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' fame. What a sweet guy.



 His book 'Being Reem' launched with us and other bookstores last week but we were very proud to have all of our copies signed by Joey himself – always a bonus to buying with QVC.

Not only was the book a giggle but it also provided an insight into his life, love of family and obstacles he has had to face. There's more than meets the eye to lovely Joey but I will say…I think I've met my match when it comes to mathematical inability. At last! Never thought that day would come.

Thank you, Joey, you're a delight and I hope we get you back soon!


This blog has three male names headlining it, so let's move on to Tomtom. Tomtom is what I've called my son, Tom, since he was tiny but it's not that Tomtom of which I speak now! This one is our fabulous Today's Special Value coming up on Saturday.

I was delighted to have my own technology series last year that some of you may remember, 'Technology and You with Catherine Huntley'. There has been much demand for the return of this, so watch this space! The focus was on demystifying technology and making more accessible to those who maybe feel a bit lost and intimidated by it all. Who can blame you, if you do? It's so fast moving it can seem to pass us by.

Now, when I heard about our Tomtom Today's Special Value I asked if I could borrow one to trial with a friend who is in no way tech savvy to try and show him the benefits of this technology and to help others who may identify with being apprehensive about gadgets such as these.


Meet Alan. Lovely Alan is in his 80's and loves driving, but has never used a Satnav. Let's see what he thought of his first Tomtom experience…

Hi Alan, thanks for agreeing to trial our Tomtom. You've never tried a Satnav in your 80 plus years. Can I ask why not?

Well…. I don't often go places now that I don't know but maybe with a SatNav…..

Have you used a mobile phone before? You may find it just as easy, or even easier, once you get started.

Yes, and I find that very easy but then I do stick to one brand.

How do you normally plan for an unfamiliar journey?

Maps, and I always write a list of the road names and numbers on a piece of paper before I set off.

How are you feeling about relying solely on the Tomtom for this trip

Apprehensive because I've never tried one.

Alan1…At this point we chose a destination that Alan hadn't been to for many years – he knew roughly where it was but couldn't remember the way at all. We had to Google the address using my phone (which he found highly impressive!). I then demonstrated to Alan how to type in a postcode and street name to the Tomtom – he found this very easy to do.



So, we've arrived at our destination thanks to Tomtom. Tell me what you think of the experience overall.

Very good – instantly easy to follow what it said.

Were you surprised by how easy it was to follow?

Not surprised really but it was very good… mind you, I have heard that TomTom's are the easiest!

What did you like about it?

Easy to see, very clear, and the voice commands were nice and loud and clear.

Do you think you'd have the confidence to use it on a longer trip or
even abroad?

Definitely – not sure about abroad though – I haven't been abroad for years!

Maybe its time to start planning an adventure. What did you think of the special features such as points of interest?

Excellent – I particularly liked the "Where Am I?" function as you'd always know where you were if you broke down or something.

Alan2So, honest answer now, could you see yourself being a Tomtom convert?


Finally, what would you say to anyone else who may be apprehensive about trying this technology?

If you're apprehensive like I was….don't be! Go for it!


…Thanks again to Alan for sharing his experience with everyone. I look forward to hearing about his future Tomtom guided trips abroad – you never know!

Ok, so we've had Joey, Tomtom and Alan so let's throw something girly into the mix now. Studio 10 cosmetics are coming to QVC this Saturday! Founder, Grace Fodor, and beauty educator with an incredible knowledge of all things beauty, Nikki Taylor, and I met up a few weeks back to talk about the range. It will make its debut in the 11am show this Saturday. It has received rave reviews from some pretty big names in the beauty press already. It's real problem solving, anti ageing make up. I have been very impressed with the sculptability I've been able to achieve. Have a look online for them to learn a bit more about this new beauty buzz and don't forget to check them out this Saturday on QVC.

Well, that's it from me for now. I look forward to having your company bright and early on Saturday morning in the garden. Hopefully we will have some better gardening weather soon too!

Love Catherine xxx

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