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Robin from Philosophy 2 Hi everyone, it's Robin White from Philosophy here. QVC Beauty recently launched the fabulous Free Compliments campaign, designed to brighten dreary days and bring smiles to the faces of many Londoners.

In one of their Facebook videos, showing Bryan Lacey out on the streets of London handing out free compliments, he provided a fact that only 40% of women have received a compliment in the last year. The first thought that came to my mind is, "wow, only 40%!". Few things in life lift your spirits like an unexpected compliment.

Later that day, I was in a store and the sales associate helping me stopped mid-sentence and said, "I have to ask, are you wearing Amazing Grace? You smell so good!" It caught me off guard a bit at first, but then it brought a huge smile to my face. I replied, "Why yes, I am." 

Not knowing that I worked for Philosophy, the woman then began to tell me how much she loves the Amazing Grace fragrance and that she recently discovered the fragranced body lotion and told me I had to try the lotion. I walked out of that store feeling wonderful with a renewed bounce to my step. I then realised, I am one of the lucky 40% who has received a compliment in the last year.

If you walk through the halls of the Philosophy offices, almost every single employee will tell you that they have received a compliment wearing a Philosophy fragrance. However, the true beauty of our fragrances is the way the make you feel, with or without a compliment. 

Our fragrances are designed to enhance your mood and state of wellbeing. If you smell good, you’ll feel good – even if there’s no one else around. Just imagine the feeling of getting a compliment on top of it. It’s like a cherry on a sundae – it makes things even better! 

Creating what we call a 'state of grace' collection, will even give you a variety of fragrances to select from that will help you to match the mood you want for the day. Here’s what I mean:

Amazing Grace – designed to make you feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine, like the always appropriate little black dress. 

Pure Grace – a soap and water scent designed to make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower. 

Eternal Grace – a clean, crisp, energising fragrance designed to make you feel confident and optimistic. (Launches in Philosophy's Today's Special Value on Saturday 27th November).

Baby Grace – a comforting and nurturing scent designed to make you smell and feel innocently sweet, like being wrapped in your most comfortable blanket.

Inner Grace – a deeply sophisticated, delicately soft, calming fragrance designed to bring a sense of peace and balance into your day.

My hope for all of you this year is that you will be the recipient of an unexpected compliment and that we can raise that 40% statistic closer to 100%. I also hope that you try a Philosophy fragrance, if you haven’t yet, and discover how you can take some control over your own sense of wellbeing everyday. Change your fragrance, change your mood – it’s a quite lofty concept, but one that could very well brighten your days.

Robin X

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