Four dogs in a pool, and music galore!


Lauren and Brad work on the song Wow another busy week to report on – and it's only Tuesday! Lol. Had to post this early this week, as I'm looking after the little nieces for a few days midweek, so I'll probably be too zonked to do it by Friday! This week:
– All four Labradors go doggy swimming for the first time – I must be mad!
– Daughter Lauren records son Brad singing her song – how proud am I?
– Going over the rainbow with Matthew Morrison – are you a Gleek?
– And another top film and hot new author to tickle your fancy!

Four dogs in a pool
All four of Debbie's dogs in the pool This week it was doggy swimming time again – with a difference! OK so I've been taking two of my brood at the same time, but was four going to be a step – or a stroke – too far?! I soon found out this week. I'd happily swum Gracie with the poorly hips together with one of the others at previous hydrotherapy sessions, the idea being that little Gracie will be inspired to swim alongside her pal. But it was getting too hard to choose just one!

Patch loves fetching and with her float suit on, even being a 'flabrador' doesn't stop her having fun. Daisy thinks she needs to do a jump start every time, Gracie's progressing marvellously, and the oldest, Holly, well, as you'll know from the paddling pool blog last week, she just loves water.

I did warn the girls at Greyfriars in Guildford that she wouldn't get out of the pool, and she didn't let me down! Here's a little sample of what happened for your amusement!


I had to paddle in and help – as you can see from the end of the above clip – and next time it'll be shorts and T-shirt in the pool with them – if I'm brave enough! Or mad enough – it was a bit crazy, but they all loved it and tried to get back in again afterwards!

Mind you, I'd be better off in one of those wet-suits, 'specially judging from the end shot of me and my awful shorts and top! Certainly a spur to lose some weight for my holiday at Center Parcs at the end of June with Rocker Nigel – otherwise I'll have to do a 'Nigella on the Beach' old-time bathing suit! Lol…

X-Men First Class, and how to survive a bombshell
Talking of Nigel, for those of you who keep probing to find out the latest from me, (it's ok, I don't mind, but don't expect the nitty gritty! Lol) our most recent date was a trip to Wimbledon Odeon to see the new X-Men movie.

I have to say it was very good – a definite 8 out of 10, (I mean the film not the date! Hehe). Fabulous character stuff amidst the action and adventure – another belter from British director Matthew Vaughn (Lock Stock, Stardust, Kick-a*s). Very clever script and excellent moving performances from the main cast – specially James McAvoy playing Prof X, plus brilliant turns from Magneto – old and young. It's a prequel to the previous X-Men franchise, but will no doubt lead to a follow-on all of its own before too long. This is the official Marvel trailer – see if it tickles your fancy!


Talking of follow-ups, my recent author interview went down so well, I'm shortly going to bring you another top tip – from new author Clare Jacob. I went to chat to her agent Oli Munson, and he gave some fascinating insights into how new authors get chosen, and why Clare made such an impact.

Her eponymous heroine Ophelia uses sheer grit and determination to survive not only a bombshell from her husband, shattering her happy home-life, but also the trials of her work-life – inspired from the many years the author spent as a criminal barrister. She met men and women accused of smuggling drugs, planting bombs and stealing underpants… You'll love this if you loved the recent BBC series 'Silk', or HBO series 'The Good Wife', or fancy Grisham-esque books but with a feminine twist…

Catch-up with the low-down in the next blog!

Bradley and Lauren sing!
This weekend I was chuffed to bits and so proud, on a trip to Bath to visit the daughter. Lauren's doing a music degree, and for her finals she has to create an album. (An album, eh!? Nothing like the assignments I used to get when I was doing my degree at the LSE – mine were more like Elements of Management Maths and Commercial Law – lucky me!)

Anyway, it was a really good fun afternoon and Brad got the chance to feel a bit like a pop star for a few hours. She's turned her room into a mini-recording studio and my lovely son was over the moon to be asked to do the vocals for her latest song – 'Hunt Me Down'. Here's a little clip from the day.


Music galore
And there was more music this week on QVC. Now one of the greatest things about us for me is our music offerings – and not just the current live guests. Do you remember in the old days we had regular CD shows? It was me and Tony Blackburn with Tony's regular dip into the world of 'golden-oldie-tastic' music?

Tony Blackburn and Debbie on the telly If you do have a long, long memory (the last show was in around 2000!), do you have a favourite moment from his programmes on QVC? I loved co-presenting with Tone – he called me his 'TV wife', bless him – handy 'cos his wife is also called Debbie! And the shows became so popular, they built him a special set.

We had a fab 'mock-radio-studio' set and Tony regularly brought you top CD sets of hits from the 60s, 70s and beyond. Of course this all happened way before downloads took over. Good old days tho eh, and all long before he rose to fame again in the Jungle!

Anyway, roll forward the clock and here we are in 2011 with some amazing new offerings – exciting live performances here in our very own studios. From John Barrowman to Westlife, Elaine Paige to Billy Ocean, we've had some great music guests. I've bought most of the CDs myself, 'cos I'm a glutton for a nice 'chune' – did you treat yourself to any? Which is your favourite?

Mine include Charlotte Church's album – excellent songs; Alfie Boe – such an amazing voice, including songs from Les Miserables; and now as of last week I can add to this list Matthew Morrison, alias Mr Shue from Glee.

Matthew Morrison CD I watch Glee, which I began recording to bond with daughter but I was the one that got hooked! Here he is with some live studio performances – and if you buy the CD and you're like me, you'll love 'My Name' – one of his own personal favourites. I just love 'Still Got Tonight' too!

It was also fabulous to have Jackie Evancho on with Simon this week too – again, what an amazing voice, and what an amazing chance to get the CD on a 30-day money-back guarantee – where else would you get that! I live in eternal hope that Peter Andre might be persuaded to come and perform live too – he's one of our faves I think.

You can find out more about our music guests on QGossip as ever! There's also a brief intro to our brand new presenters on there – one of them is a lovely lady I worked with previously and I think you're really going to like her – Carmel, with her gently Irish lilt. Plus there's a link to the voting page where you can help QVC win a customer award in the Freesat Awards 2011!

Well that's it for another week. From Tuesday to Thursday I'm going to be up to my eyes in toddlers, don't know who's dreading it… I mean looking forward to it most (!) – Lara and Izzy or me! See you on the box again soon – including with a superb EasiYo Anniversary show on Thursday night – don't miss it! I just hope the coconut and pineapple is back in stock! (Whatdyamean 'what about Center Parcs?' EasiYo is good for you! Hehe!)

Best wishes,
Debs x


  1. Caroline Jones June 7, 2011 at 1:53 pm -  Reply

    Yay Debs! fabulous blog as always!
    Charlotte Church’s CD is my favourite – I bought it when it came out and it’s been in my CD player in the car ever since.
    Love your clips on here, and your pogs are soooo sweet :o)
    Enjoy your busy week, and cya on the Easiyo show on Thursday (can you save me a Greek and Coconut one please? lol)
    Have fun
    Caz xx

  2. debs flint June 8, 2011 at 12:36 am -  Reply

    Caz – agree about Charlotte Church’s album – blooming excellent – snow is one of my fave songs ever and sooo poignant.
    yes it’s greek and coconut isn’t it – maybe they could now do a pineapple one just for me! lol

  3. Caroline Jones June 8, 2011 at 1:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Yes her CD is bloomin’ excellent…I love Snow too but it’s hard to choose a favourite track as they’re all so good. Everybody who’s had a lift in my car has asked who it is singing and how good it is so I’ve recommended it to all of them.
    Mmm @ the thought of a pineapple flavour, so I’ll send a text in and suggest it for us ;o)
    Have a good week,
    Caz xxx

  4. Michelle Roberts June 9, 2011 at 3:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, LOVE THE BLOG, The pogs look like they had a wonderful time in the pool, my goodness four dogs take some sorting out, my four yorkies would drown in that size of pool!! I think you just look fine in your shorts and top, you don’t need to lose any weight what so ever you just look great!! (Normal women)
    i think it’s so lovely that you make the most of youe life you put a lot of people to shame talk about packing things in, do you have time to sleep!!
    Guess what Debs got to see Peter Andre live in LLandudno a while back, brilliant night took mum and mum-in-law too both really enjoyed the night,it was a complete sell out was really lucky to get tickets!! if he can get to Wales i’m sure he will get to QVC.
    Hope Lara and Izzy were good for their anunty debbie lol, perhaps you may need a rest after taking care of them, lucky brother on a cruise!!
    Hope things are well with Nigel!!
    Take Care
    Dennis sends a big dog hug !!

  5. Michelle Roberts June 10, 2011 at 3:00 pm -  Reply

    Debs, My spooky night, well we worked it out that my chihauhaua(Bobby) was sadly put to sleep on this day, after suffering from a en-larged heart problem two years ago, i just wonder if he was letting me know he was stil around, i miss him like mad, i rescued him many years ago when i was helping the cats protection league, some one had left in a flat with a cat and never returned for him, i managed to home the cat but kept this little boy, he was such a friendly little chap my yorkie’s adored him!!
    This sort of thing has never happened before and every thing has been back to normal since, Tallulah Small yorkie back in her own bed!!
    Having a very busy cat day here, lots of cleaning to be done, then it must be coffee and cake time lol
    Will watch you later on qvc, noticed Clogau gold shows coming on, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this range
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. debs flint June 10, 2011 at 7:36 pm -  Reply

    Michelle – I bet you love Clogau living in Wales! I’ll be in Caerleon first weekend in July – for the Romantic Novelists Association conference – looking fwd to it!
    Ref your spooky experience, just to explain, for those that wondered – Michelle found her little tiny dog in the bed which it couldn’t possibly have got on by itself and other weird things happened! She was telling me on facebook and I said don’t forget to add it on here! Anyone else had anything spooky happen, let me know! Am enjoying the Sally Morgan new series – great first show on Living It the other night!
    Glad you enjoyed Peter Andre – I took daughter to see him in where was it – Bristol I think! Fingers crossed he comes on – he’s got so much to sell eh! Book, music, fragrances! He’d fill an hour probably!
    best wishes

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