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Liz Earle Men's Cleanse & Polish Kit Q: My son is getting spots on his forehead and chin especially. Neil is 14 and is extremely embarrassed about this. We have tried various products from the chemist but nothing seems to work. He has also been using Tea Tree oil, which doesn't seem to work either. Can you help?

Alison: Obviously he is that very vulnerable age where the spots aren't necessarily caused by a bad skincare routine but by hormones flaring up and causing his oil glands to be overactive.

You say you've used tea tree oil, but have you used the ABC Skinwash, which contains tea tree oil? If you haven't, then this is maybe the most masculine product to use with the easiest application technique – such as using it in the shower. It also comes in big economical sizes.

If you have tried this already, then my next step would be for him to use the Liz Earle Men's Cleanse & Polish system with the cloth for removal, that will also help to knock off the tops of any spots or blackheads. I know Liz's son actually uses this to help with his skin. Plus, if he does need to start shaving, he can use this kit for that too.

If he's very trendy, into fashion and men's grooming mags, feel free to show him a little bit of spot concealer, maybe the one that you use so you don't have to get him a separate one. This could be really great for his confidence. Also, an invisible make-up is self-tan. So you could always try mixing a little bit of this in with a moisturiser one night for him to just tone down the look of the redness and disguise them more. Let me tell you that footballers do wear self-tan – I know, I'm married to one!


  1. Susan Faulkner February 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm -  Reply

    Dear Alison
    I have read your comments on sensitive eyes. I would like to know what eye make-up to use as I have ‘blepharitis’. No-one seem ever to address this problem. Beauty counters have never heard of this condition.
    Love your shows Alison
    Regards Sue

  2. Yvonne Foster February 13, 2011 at 5:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison, I’m 53 and of Afro-Caribbean heritage and currently using Liz Earle, Decleor and Gatineau products which I love, however I think with age I have some darker area’s on my cheeks and forhead. Is there something you could recommend to improve this so that I have a more even skin tone, Thanks.

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