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Decleor Aromessence Angelique Face Oil Q: I'm a woman of 45 and I go swimming 2/3 times a week. I find that it's really drying out my skin, especially around the eyes, cheeks and mouth area, which in turn is causing more fine wrinkles to form. I've very sensitive and fine skin, but it has always looked youthful until I took up swimming. I presently use the Gatineau Melatogenine range, but this does not seem to be enough.
Is there an intense treatment you can recommend to rehydrate my skin initially and keep it rehydrated and protected in the future, especially when I'm swimming?

Alison: Your skincare routine sounds excellent to me! So keep this routine at home and take a few products to the swimming pool with you, such as the Decleor Angelique Balm or Angelique Oil. Put either of these on before you actually get into the pool and see which works best.

These won't be removed in the pool like an emulsion would, which is why the moisturisers that you're currently using aren't protecting your skin before you go into the swimming pool. So, the Oil or Balm will work well as a pre-swim treatment.

When you get out of the pool, you can also add a couple of drops on the skin underneath your favourite Gatineau products, if you want to. For the perfect combination, put a little bit of the oil on first and then a little bit of the balm on top. Plus, you will need to apply more than you would at home because you want it to act like a barrier.

Don't worry, it shouldn't be that visible!

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