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ABC Body Lotion & Skinwash Q: My daughter, who is 12, has just had a nasty bout of chicken pox. Some of the pockmarks on her face became infected and she's using antibiotic cream at present. She does scar very easily and so I was wondering if you could recommend a treatment that will help with the scarring. She is also just developing little spots and blackheads.

Alison: The answer to your daughter's problem is ABC Skinwash – it's crucial for now and for continual use and is absolutely perfect for her skin.

As a moisturiser on a daily basis, she should apply Decleor Prolagene Gel to help disguise the look of the scarring. She can apply it several times a day to scarred areas and, with its gel formula, it's really easy to apply. She can also use it as a moisturiser all over her face.

Try to ensure that she avoids a suntan on the scarred areas as in the sun, they can thicken, darken and last longer. For colour confidence, you could even apply a little coat of self tan on her once a week to cover over the scars – even just a spray one to make her still feel confident about how she looks. She wouldn't need a special one so if you use one already, you could use the same on her.

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