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Ultrasun SPF 50+ High Protection Sun Cream Duo

Q: I'm 30 and have good skin, just a bit sensitive, but since having my children I've suffered with melasma on my top lip – it looks like a moustache. I've been told that treatments of an enerpeel will help but its going to cost £600. In your experience, what would you recommend?

Alison: Melasma is an increase in pigmentation that can often occur during pregnancy. It may fade naturally but I'm not sure how long ago you had your children.

Sometimes, it naturally fades and disappears maybe a year or two after giving birth, as it can take this long for the hormones to re-adjust. So, check with your doctor to see if he thinks it will be a natural fader.

Even if it's only short term, you must wear sun block over this area. Any form of the sun, even on a cloudy day, can make it darken in colour, as it’s so hypersensitive. So, I'd recommend the UltraSun SPF 50 for all-day protection on the upper lip area.

To help reduce the look of the melasma, I’d recommend wiping Alpha-H White Gold on to the skin, three times a week. I’d also suggest wearing make-up over this area to physically cover up this area and even it up with rest of the skin – try Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.

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