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SBC Collagen Gel 500ml Pump Q: I need help with large open pores between my breasts and down the centre of my back. Is there any way to reduce the appearance of very large open pores in this area? When the skin is pushed together, it looks crepey which I don't think should be happening as I'm in my early 30s. I had an allergic reaction to the Alpha H range so would prefer to stay clear.

Alison: You should definitely try using the ABC Skinwash in case the pores are caused by a skin infection – this is an anti-septic wash that can help to neutralise any bacteria in this area.

You can also get open pores in these areas if you naturally perspire more than others. So, I'd suggest making sure that you aren't using too strong an anti-perspirant underneath your arms. What can happen is that if the perspiration cannot get out under your arms, it may find somewhere else to come out – so spotty chests and backs are often a symptom of this.

Even though you have open pores, remember that a body moisturiser is still essential. The one I'd recommend that would help to reduce the look of these pores is SBC Collagen Gel. Apply this two-three times a day or just a thick mask-type layer once a day (that you can leave to sink in when you're brushing your teeth or getting ready etc) to help plump up the skin in this area. Plumping up this area will help to close the pores up as they tend to widen when the skin is dehydrated or infected.

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