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OPI Chip Skip Duo SetQ: I am having trouble with the end result of Nail Envy. I take the trouble to wash hands after removing the polish to remove any residue and I leave a day between the first coats of Nail Envy and the polish.  I then allow that to dry before applying the final coat of Nail Envy, but I still get a bubbled effect on the nail. Can you suggest anything to help me achieve a smooth finish?

Alison: Bubbling on the nail is either caused by oily nail plates or an allergy. If the latter is the case then I’d try ProStrong as they use different ingredients in their nail treatments. You'll know if it's an allergy because the top of the nail will have a stinging effect.

You don't need to leave a day in between your first coats of Nail Envy and the polish. You are, however, correct to wash your hands to remove any residue so that there is no oil left on the nail plate – that's one of my top tips! 


  1. Sheila Dunn October 24, 2008 at 11:50 am -  Reply

    Can I use ProStrong and Nail Envy together?

  2. Amanda November 1, 2008 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    I use Prostrong, and follow their routine instructions to the letter including washing hands prior to application, and which I’m very happy with, except I’ve found that the 2 coats of 3in1 Reinforcer starts to peel within 24 hours, let alone using a nail colour as well. Would I be able to use the OPI Chipskip prior to using the initial coat of 3in1 or will the Chipskip being on first negate the benefit of the 3in1 Reinforcer?

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