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Philip Kingsley 2 Piece Flaky Itchy Shampoo & Conditioner Set Q: I've used several shampoos and conditioners from QVC for a flaky itchy scalp, and Ojon too, and none of these help my sore scalp with hard scabs. What can I use please as I'm unable to afford things that are expensive and don't work?
Alison: You've already tried one of our most effective formulas, which is thePhilip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp. However, there is one thing that you could do before you may need to consult your doctor.

It is possible to soften actual flakes or increased areas of coarse or thickened skin. Before shampooing, soak the scalp in oil. This could be a pure almond, olive or jojoba oil that you can buy from your chemist or supermarket. The trick would be to massage this into the scalp area, particularly where it's driest, and then try one of the shampoos, such as the Philip Kingsley afterwards.

If this doesn't work then you should show your doctor next time you have an appointment.

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