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I have let myself slide a bit over the past few years. Having had my exercise regime curtailed by plantar fasciitis for the past few years, I have resorted to doing very little. I knew I felt less fit and although I can still put my socks on without sitting down(!) I knew I was getting way behind. When my current suit trousers started to get very tight I realised I could no longer put my head in the sand. My wife suggested yoga and I signed up for a series of lessons to lead me into Christmas.

It seemed somewhat kismet like to then be asked to try out the Fitbit Charge HR prior to our Today’s Special Value on the 21st of this month.507270 Fitbit and wrist band at QVC UK

My son was well up on them and although I had quizzed Abby Horne about them many times I had never worn one. I’ve been wearing it constantly for the past few weeks now and it has produced some surprises.IMG_0488

I knew it measured heart rate, number of steps, calories burned, number of floors climbed and how you sleep has been, and also interfaces with an app which makes all these stats clear. My heart rate was as expected, the calories burned pretty much what I thought but the number of steps was a bit of a surprise. I do move about a lot….. even when I am not ‘exercising’.

PicMonkey Collage1

Over 16,000 steps one day and all I did was walk the dogs… a not very long trip round the field. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the sleep patterns I have. It senses when you have fallen asleep and also when you are restless or have woken up in the night. I am tired a lot of the time and I have put it down to getting up at 5am and having a hectic lifestyle but now I realise it may be that I simply don’t get enough sleep. I average less than seven hours a night but can be very restless and often wake (without realising it). This can lead to feeling knackered in the morning, even though you’ve been in bed for several hours.

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So now I am more aware, there are less coffees late in the day, not so much tea just before bed and more early nights in store.

What has also been nice is that, knowing I had to loose a few pounds, I have been encouraged to take the stairs and go for a walk more often. I have in less than two weeks lost three pounds but more importantly my waist has dropped by over an inch!  You’ve gotta be happy with that!

The Fitbit TSV is on Monday 21st December –  just in time for Christmas!

Simon X

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