Finding the perfect Christmas tree


Christmas Tree Millions of Christmas trees will be sold over the coming weeks. Some are real beauties, but others can be right flops. Here's how to choose the best…

Norway Spruce
The traditional favourite – and the cheapest – but it can shed needles by the bucket-load unless well cared for. To pick a good one, pick it up and feel the weight. If it's too light, it may have been cut weeks ago. Also bang the stump on the ground. If lots of needles fall, it's well past its sell by date.

Nordman Fir
The best-selling non-needle drop trees with soft, slightly scented needles. Look for deep green healthy needles and use the stump test to make sure that they stay on. Don't buy them pre-wrapped, they vary so much in shape that you can't tell what it might look like. They're more expensive this year due to crop shortages.

Noble Fir
The best of the non-needle drops with gorgeous deep green scented needles. Check that the needles look fresh and survive a good thump test.

Blue Spruce
The steely blue non-drop needles are very pretty but also very prickly. The trees can be very  short and dumpy so shop around to find the best shape.

Christmas tree farms tend to have the freshest trees, while DIY stores usually have the best prices. But it pays to buy early – to make sure you get a right cracker!

Check back soon to find out how to keep your tree looking its best.



  1. Susan McIntosh October 27, 2010 at 8:09 am -  Reply

    Hi Richard and QVC,
    Love the hints and tips for Christmas trees…But can I make a suggestion…..Buy one with roots…and replant it at the end of Christmas….I think it is a very sad sight to see dead trees after such a short season…..They deserve better…..So buy a live one!!!!
    Long Live The Trees!!
    Happy Christmas everyone

  2. Margaret Dickson November 22, 2010 at 3:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Richard & QVC” Great advice on christmas trees, i bought a nordman fir for my patio last year it was pre wrapped and i was very disapointed with the shape when unwrapped, it was a very uneven so i will opt for a noble fir this year
    keep up the good work
    have a fantastic christmas!!

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