FAQs for our busy lizzie and geranium collection


Gernanium rosebud redGrow your eye-catching rosebud collection of busy lizzies and geraniums to their full potential with our FAQs.

What will I receive? 
You'll receive a total of 18 plug plants, with three each of the following six varieties: Geranium Rosebud Neon, Pink and Red; and Busy Lizzie Rosebud Peach Sorbet, Red and Apple Blossom.

What size do the plants grow to?

Your geranium rosebuds have a trail of about 61cm – 76cm (24" – 30"), while the busy lizzie rosebuds grow to a height of about 30cm (12") and has a spread of 61cm (24").

How many blooms per plant?
T&M’s trials in 2008 showed that five geranium rosebud plants will produce more than 220 flowers, which works out as 44 flowers per plant. The busy lizzie rosebuds produce up to 780 flowers per plant!

Is the rosebud collection perennial?Rosebud collection
No, the busy lizzies and geraniums are annuals and will last for one season.

How long will the plants be in flower for?
Your collection will bloom from July through to first frosts.

Can I plant them outside straight away?
To guarantee a superb display, most plug plants are best potted up and grown on first.  However, you can plant them in the garden straight away, but it's important to remember these young plants are sensitive to frost and must not be placed outdoors until the danger of frosts has passed.

How can they be planted?
Your geranium rosebuds are ideal for baskets and containers, while the busy lizzie rosebuds are suitable for baskets, bedding, borders, containers and tubs.

What's the best position to plant this rosebud collection?
You can plant in full sun or light shade, but make sure they're sheltered from strong winds.

What soil do they like?
We'd recommend using good, moist, free-draining compost. Adding water-retaining gel and slow release fertiliser to the compost will also be beneficial. You can get special container and basket composts that are available with water retaining gels and special fertilisers already added.

How deep should I plant the plugs? 
Make holes large enough to take the plant roots and firm them into the soil/compost.

Which way up should I put the plugs in the ground?
The roots should be planted into the soil.

What fertilizer should I use?
From mid-June onwards, feed the plants once a week with a good liquid fertilizer. Alternatively, use a high potash fertilizer to encourage flower production. Replace this fertilizer once a month with a high nitrogen feed to prevent the foliage turning yellow.

Geranium rosebud pink How often does this rosebud collection need watering?
Keep the compost moist, but not waterlogged. We’d recommend watering frequently, usually once a day in hot weather (preferably in the evening).

Should I dead head for better results?

What other plants will complement these geraniums and busy lizzies?
You can plant them with a variety of bedding plants for a complementary display. We'd suggest Busy Lizzie Spellbound, Geranium Flower Candy and Heliotrope Princess Marina.

How long will they last in their containers?
The plants are annual and will only last one season.

Is this collection poisonous to cats? 

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  1. Sue Eyley April 7, 2009 at 11:39 am -  Reply

    I just received this collection today (last week’s TSV)The plants are fabulous, strong with good root systems. I am sure they will make stunning plants as the summer comes on. Thank you Richard, I have never ordered plants before, but you convinced me and I am so glad I did!
    Sue E.

  2. Richard Voisey April 8, 2009 at 12:16 pm -  Reply

    My wife purchased some Double jewel geraniums recently from QVC. She is slightly confused with the intructions she received with the bulbs and is looking for additional advice.
    The bulbs were planted and are now starting to show through the soil. She needs to know what her next two steps should be, when dealing with these bulbs…….Thanks

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