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Jill Franks I learnt from a young age how important it was to have a strong core. Core is a buzz-word we hear all the time. Many hours of dance training taught me discipline and helped me to achieve my dreams.

I believe when you are younger everything you do in your life follows you through to the end. For me keeping in great shape as a dancer has simply transferred into a very diverse fitness regime.

I could never imagine not doing my daily fitness regime but, to be honest, when it has been a huge part of your life, it's just like having a cup of tea every morning.

It's part of my daily routine, which, with shift work at QVC, can be a little tricky but that's where the discipline comes in and I could never get through my work at the pace I do without a little me-time on my Pilates machine, treadmill or resistance workout.

Yes, it's hard work but it's also energizing, motivating and great thinking time. It can sometimes be rather challenging but the rewards out-weigh all of this.

I am 44 this July and one thing I work hard on is fab flat abs and retaining a trim waistline.I change my routine on a regular basis to challenge all the abdominal muscles, which not only increases the strength of my core but also keeps that fab flat look.

As we get older it is tougher to keep the waistline looking flat as our tummy is one of the places fat loves to store. I love the new Abs Lounge with Rosalie Brown (amazing abs or what!). Pilates 100 with the magic circle is a great exercise to maintain fab abs and I live for my Swiss ball.

I spend hours sometimes trying to create an exercise to target muscles that I struggle to get to. I get myself in the most ridiculous positions and end up collapsing with laughter and am just thankful that no one can actually see me.

My husband Larry is so funny, he is so used to it that he walks by the room and looks in as if it's the most natural thing to do. We even have conversations whilst I am in the craziest of tangles. When I ask his opinion on what the exercise looks like, he normally replies with just an 'mmmmm…'

Who knows, next month I may challenge my arms or my lower body. The challenges keep me from getting bored with my workout.

Keep fit and healthy you wont regret it!

Jill x


  1. Julie Leuty February 12, 2009 at 1:22 am -  Reply

    Dear Jill,
    We hope you are keeping well. I met you at QVC’s ‘New Year-New You’ event on Friday 16th January and, if you remember, I gave you the ‘home’ scrapbook. I wonder if you’ve had the chance to put any photos in it yet?!
    Well, I just couldn’t resist making Scruncher a little album too!
    Doug has posted it off today by recorded delivery via Barbara so I hope it reaches you soon!
    Hope he likes it!
    I’ve put a hard copy of this in with the parcel just in case you didn’t get the email!
    Very best wishes
    Julie & Doug Leuty.

  2. Hayberry May 2, 2009 at 11:45 pm -  Reply

    This is very inspirational Jill thank u, I’ve recently stopped being good with my reguar exercise etc but I’m getting back into it because it really does make you feel good! And, I’m with you on the spirulina every morning 🙂 PS I hope I look as great as u when I’m your age!

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