Fab abs for summer!


Well, that's what I'm hoping for and with our forthcoming fitness Today's Special Value I think the dream is within reach!!

Wednesday we are launching a very special ab machine and I have been putting it through it's paces for the last fortnight or so. I should add that it's not just me who's been trialling it but everyone who has visited Chez Huntley recently too!

I wanted to trial this machine and then give you all my honest opinion and experience of it. Firstly, it does take about a half an hour to assemble but it is not difficult and with a big mug of coffee it goes by in no time and once it's done, that's it so to my mind it's worth the set up time.

The oblique (side) stomach muscles can be quite hard to work out with traditional methods such as side crunches. I found that the TSV made it feel a lot easier to do. I'll be honest and tell you that I wasn't sure if it was being effective but when I placed my hand on the muscle and did the excercise I could feel it strongly engage. I have been doing other excercise alongside this so it may be a combination of factors but I can definately see some definition returning to my abs now. I could also feel the lower body working to maintain balance. My thighs and bottom got a good workout and even my pectoral and arm muscles to a lesser degree.

A dvd is included in the package but I personally don't feel you would have to put that on every time you work out. I like that because it means I can just hop on and do a few minutes whilst carrying on watching tv or listening to music. Also, you don't need to count how many repetitions unless you want to. If you are simply doing the side to side movement you can just do it until you feel ready to stop.

My final point is that you do need somewhere to store it as it does take up a bit of space and doesn't just slide behind a door or under the sofa. I have left the one I am trialling out in the lounge so I make sure to get on it every day for a few minutes. It's actually a lot less likely that it'd be used if it wasn't out and ready at all times, like all fitness equipment, so I see that as a good thing!

All in all, a fabulous bit of kit for targeting those troublesome tums without spending hours in the gym. Well worth a try!

See you soon,

Catherine x


  1. Keith May 10, 2010 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine!
    What no photos?! 🙁 I’m disappointed that you didn’t put up some photos of you showing off how good this new Ab Machine is and how great you look too! You have a fantastic figure so I’m sure that your workout is making it even better. Please post some photos so we can see how well you are doing! ;o)
    I’m trying to get fit too and am regularly out pounding the streets in an effort to loose weight. I find the gym so tedious so it would be great to work out in front of the TV in the privacy of my own house.
    Good luck with the workout (I’m sure you don’t need it though!)
    Love, Keith.

  2. Julie Burke May 20, 2010 at 3:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine,I bought the Ab Circle machine and have been using it for the last week.Iam still on the beginners level.It took a few moments to get going but I sussed out the movement.Should the knee bowls move?.Mine do and I dont think they should.I keep straightening them.I will persevere for the next week or so before I xcontact Customer Services.That said I do feel trimmer around the sides.!!!
    Are you still enjoying your card making.I just bought the TSV on the 18th which arrived today.Dawn Bibby has a lot to answer for!!!!
    iVE sent you a couple of Xmas and a Birthday card,all with cats on.Hope you liked them.Are you still collecting cards for charity?
    Best Wishes
    Julie Burke

  3. Catherine Huntley July 30, 2010 at 10:04 am -  Reply

    Hi Keith,
    I don’t know if you’ll even see this now as I somehow missed your comment and never replied until now! I have a day off and have just been leisurely trawling back through the lovely comments people have been making whilst I was away for a couple of weeks.
    I am working hard on my fitness. We’ve even set up a home gym in the garage with this ab machine, my pilates machine, the ijoy and loads of other great fitness gadgets. I’m also eating healthily using diet chef in the evenings and general healthy eating in the daytime.
    I hope your regime is working for you and that you are enjoying summer.
    Love Catherine x

  4. Catherine Huntley July 30, 2010 at 10:12 am -  Reply

    Hi Julie,
    I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to this until now. I somehow missed your comment until I went browsing back through.
    Hopefully you have your answer to the question about the knee bowls now but if not, yes, they do move and are intended to. Glad you were seeing results so fast. Hope it’s still going well.
    I do still enjoy my cardmaking. My most recent cards were for my son’s 18th and my daughter’s 16th this month. I have way too much crafting kit and really need to give myself some dedicated crafting time to benefit from it all!
    Thank you for sending me cards. I love getting them and wish I had time to reply to each one. I get sooo many now which I am massively grateful for and treasure. I keep every single one as they really do mean a lot to me so thank you once again.
    With regard to the charity cards for CPL I would advise people send them to their local branch or sell them to raise funds for the cat charities. The reason being is that I have received far more than I ever anticipated and was collecting for just one branch and it’s actually become almost too much so it’d be better to spread them across more branches, I think. I currently have a few bags full to send off as we speak! Thank you for asking, though.
    Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the sizzling summer.
    Lots of love,
    Catherine x

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