Expert tips for recreating popular make-up looks


To celebrate July Beauty Month, we gave QVC employees a glamorous make-over for our Get The Look guide to show you how real women can achieve the latest looks for summer.

Here's a snap shot of how each model looked – don't they look fab?

Nardine Morris Julie Moore Sara Mehrabadi


Nazia Arshed Sarah Andrews Vicki Elliott   

Plus, to help you recreate these looks at home, we asked our top beauty brands for their make-up tips…

Applying lashes
Our ladies absolutely loved the effect that false eyelashes brought to their overall look. Eylure has provided some useful tips to help you at home when applying lashes…

Eyelure lashes 1. When applying false eyelashes, rather than working from one end to the other, hold the false lashes in the middle and get them as close to the natural lashes as possible. Then gently press the lashes onto the skin from one corner to the other.

2. Many people overload their natural lashes with mascara before applying false lashes. I recommend a normal amount of mascara, if any at all, for a more natural looking-longer lash.

3. False eyelashes, if kept in good condition, can be used over and over again. Carefully remove any glue with fingers or tweezers and never use heated eyelash curlers, which can cause false lashes to split.

4. After applying the Lashfix glue to the false eyelashes, I recommend allowing it to set for 10-15 seconds. This prevents the eyelash strip from slipping out of place during application.

Creating full, plump lips with Sue Devitt
Sue Devitt lipgloss set 1. To add colour and fullness to your lips, try my buffing technique. To buff the lips, use a wax-based lip pencil like Long Lasting Lipliner. Apply the pencil with tiny feathering strokes and blend outward. Then lightly blend a sheer or matte lipstick inward towards the centre. Dab lips with your fingertips if you wish to soften the colour.

2. I like to go with a few different lip looks, depending on the eye. If there's a strong eye, I think a very soft pink lip is perfect. I usually do a pink lipstick as a base, and then go over that with a brighter pink gloss, like my Mini Lip Gloss set. If the focus is on the lip, not the eye, then I think a bright red lip or a berry-stained colour is perfect. Again, I'd layer on a complementary or contrasting gloss – in an apricot or golden colour.

3. A tried-and-tested tip to keep looking great is that you must keep lips moisturised. I create all of my lip products with nutrients to keep lips hydrated and healthy. And don’t forget that just a quick swipe of colour on the lips can really wake up the face.

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Daniel Sandler on achieving a flawless complexion
Daniel Sandler foundation and concealer 1.
To achieve a flawless complexion, you must have the correct foundation suited for your skin type and skin tone.

2. When the correct foundation and concealer are applied, you'll need less make-up on other areas such as eyeshadows and blush, helping you to look your most natural and flawless.

3. A key step in your flawless make-up routine is moisturising and priming the face. Prior to applying any foundation, always prep your face with moisturiser then primer. Moisturising is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your face a youthful appearance and helps with blending your foundation whereas a primer helps to give skin a super-smooth appearance and keeps make-up in place.

4. Finally, to get the best finish from your foundation and concealer, always apply with professional brushes.

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Tips on achieving a smoky eye effect from Mally
Mally eyshadow and liner set 1. Start with a great eyeshadow base to make sure your colour lasts all day.

2. Start to create your smoky effect by putting a lighter champagne shade from the lash line to brow.

3. Then, with a fluffy blender brush, use a medium shade in the crease with a windshield wiper motion. For a flatter shaped eye, take the medium colour slightly above the crease to create the illusion of a deeper set eye.

4. The last shade should be applied with a smudger brush on the upper and lower lash line. Get as close to the lash line as possible. A good trick is to use a brush with shadow and a pencil on the bottom to really get a smoky and diffused look.

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Jemma Kidd on creating a natural look
Many women make the mistake of using make-up as a mask to hide behind, yet once you know how it works, you can easily learn how to bring out the best features to reveal your natural inner beauty.

For that natural make-up look seen on runways across the globe, skin should be smooth, hydrated and natural - neither too dewy nor too matt. I also always advise neat brows to frame the face, curled lashes to instantly widen eyes and the use of subtle colours.

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Expert tips from Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals eyeshadow collection Brows are so important and give you a youthful polished look. bareMinerals eye colours can be used in the brows and look more natural than pencil - go for a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair colour, and start from the arch of the brow and work out to give a polished finished look.

If you find your lips get cracked and dry, then gently dry-brush them with a tooth brush at night and moisturise. Follow with a natural lip colour or our Buxom gloss throughout the day to keep the perfect plumped pout!

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Take a look at the Get The Look guide.

Enjoy July Beauty Month!

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