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Marianne Shillingford DuluxThis Saturday (29th March) Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, will be introducing us to the fantastic new 'Made By Me' Dulux paint range in our DIY with Simon show at 1pm.

We caught up with Marianne, who will be joining us on the day, to find out more about the range.

"My background is rooted in colour and decorating and I have always been passionate about the transformative power of colour and paint to creative beautiful living spaces.

"Creativity is at the heart of a long career which involves using a paint brush almost every working day and exploring the possibilities of what it can do makes me the luckiest woman I know.

"My role as Dulux Creative Director allows me to inspire people to see decorating as a fun thing to do rather than a chore and show them wonderful ways to unlock their own unique creativity.

Kitchen Table Duck Egg Dulux"The Made by Me range is brilliant for making the ordinary and everyday into something unforgettable and unique in double quick time.

"Rather than going out and spending huge amounts of money on new things that everyone else has you can put your own individual stamp on things with paint.

"A collection of second hand chairs and a small tin of paint costs less than one new one and in a weekend they can be transformed into something everyone talks about and admires. 



Blackboard Paint Dulux"The paints are designed to be easy to use and have added properties which make them the perfect choice for small projects with a big impact. Made by Me blackboard paint is solvent free and quick drying with superb covering power and you can paint a big section of wall, piece of furniture or lots of small projects with lots to spare.

"Made by Me satin paint is a more traditional tough solvent-based finish and is self undercoating which once tried, everyone loves. The covering power is superb, making transformations happen in one coat for most items and you won't believe what you can paint with just a small 250ml tin. 


Cream Cupboard Dulux"Made by Me Gloss is super glossy – just like old school enamel paint – and the colours we have chosen for the collection are brilliant for adding sunshine to whatever they are painted on. Try a quick drying white Primer Undercoat to make the those super shiny colours really sing too.

"Made by Me gold and silver add just a touch of glitz without being too overpowering and they can be used outside too which unlocks the potential of bringing a bit of the indoors outdoors. I love stencilling and using foam roller effects with gold and silver too.


Candlesticks Painted Dulux"To get the best out of any Made by Me project here are a few tips.

"Make sure the things you are painting are clean and dry before you startUse a good brush to get a great finish and ask for advice at the DIY store if you need it.

"Try stencilling with a bit of foam rather than a brush for great coverage and no seeping under the stencil edges.

"If you are painting onto bare wood, use a primer undercoat to seal the surface before adding topcoats and sand lightly between coats.


"Have fun! – and post your beautiful work online so we can all admire it."

Visit the site to find out more


  1. Moira November 14, 2015 at 7:08 pm -  Reply

    Can you use these paints like chalk paint, i.e. straight onto any surface including varnished or polished traditional wood furniture?

  2. Chris Read August 3, 2017 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Made by me satin oil based paint. Does this paint adhere straight over varnished surfaces or is it better to sand, prime and undercoat

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