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Dolly Parton

As you may know, we had the amazing opportunity to interview country and western star Dolly Parton last week. Some of you sent in your questions for her via our QVCUK Facebook Page – unfortunately we couldn't ask her all of them, but here are the ones we did…

Why did you call your latest album 'Better Day'?  Does it have a significant meaning for you? (Angharad Lloyd Derham)

When I got ready to do a new CD, I thought what should I do? Everybody's kind of down with all the problems in the world what with the economy and all that and I thought I need to do something to uplift the human spirit – mine as well as everyone else's – so I put together 12 songs that all have a little ray of sunshine, a little bit of hope and promise in them. I thought that would be a good thing to do!

Which of your songs are you most proud of? (Sally Brooke)
'Coat of Many Colours' is my favourite song I've ever written. 

'I Will Always Love You' is one of my favourite songs, what inspired you to write that song? (Teresa Maria Barnard)

I used to work with a man called Porter Wagoner, who gave me my first big break because he had a syndicated television show in the United States that was a huge show. I promised to stay five years and after five years I said, "I've got to go". I didn't want to be just a girl singer in someone else's group, I wanted to be my own star.

We fought back and forth about that and I thought, well the one thing I know he'll understand is music.  So I went home and I wrote the song for and about that relationship with Porter. I took it in and said, "Just sit down I have something to sing for you". I sang the song and tears were falling and he said, "Ok, you can go if I can produce that record!" So he did and that was my leaving song.

Do you have any regrets? (Alice Fortuna Megan)

I can't bother with regrets because everything I've done seemed to be the thing to be doing at the time and if I changed one thing it could change everything!

Have you an all time favourite song you may possibly not have recorded yet?  (Jenny Gillet)

'Sometimes When We Touch' by Barry Mann and Cynthia Wilde.

You are a terrific all round entertainer – who taught you to play all these instruments or are you self-taught? (Anne Carlin) How many musical instruments can you play in total? (Linda Pirie)

I can play most instruments a little. My Mom's family is very musical and I got those abilities from them.

I loved you in Steel Magnolias, it makes me cry every time I see it! Which film did you like working on most? (Charlotte Fernandes)

'9 to 5' was my first love, and 'Joyful Noise' was probably the most fun.

Our favourite question: My favourite song is '9-5'. Have you ever wanted to swap your job for a 9-5 one yourself? (Michelle Fitzgerald)

Hell no!

I've heard you're working on a musical of your life. Is this for stage or screen and who would you like to play you? (Tracey Davison)

Depends on how the movie is made! If it's a musical/movie, Kristin Chenoweth. If it's not a musical, Scarlett Johansson.

Take a look at Dolly's new CD album, ‘Better Day’ and her ‘Live From London’ DVD which was taken from her most recent world tour at the O2 in London.

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