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I hope all is well. These summer holidays (sometimes with sun!) are flying by! I heard a track on the radio a couple of days ago which I haven't heard for years, even though it dominated the charts for weeks and weeks.

Do you remember Lisa Stansfield's number one hit 'Around the World'? It was released 22 years ago in 1989 and reached number 1 in the UK charts. As I heard the track and I was suddenly sent back in time! I recall, like it was yesterday, walking through Woolworths in Portsmouth with my headphones on listening to a compilation tape with Lisa singing away! 

My little rucksack was packed with cassette tapes from Madness to Billy Joel. Now of course we cram thousands of songs onto our MP3 players and iPods! How time has flown.

If we go back 22 years, mobile phones were fairly non-existent and back then of course we were buying vinyl, cassette and the occasional CD. And then of course, there was photography! I'm not even sure the word megapixel existed - rolls of film were what we were buying! So where will we be in another 22 years… any ideas?

I'm really excited about the Today's Special Value I'm launching this coming Wednesday 10th August at midnight. A choice of two trilogy gemset rings! I was lucky enough to meet with the buyer earlier this week to see the designs; they're out of this world. It's a choice between Australian Opal and a brand new, and very hard-to-come-by, gemstone never seen before on QVC. The colour is delicious. All will be revealed this Wednesday night!

Take care and see you soon,

Charlie  x



  1. debi stubbs August 5, 2011 at 11:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Charlie, when you mentioned the hit single ‘Around the World’, it reminded me of a funny story, i had just got married in the September 1990 and my friends and i had bought tickets to see Lisa Stansfield at Wembly Arena so off we went to see her in the October, we decided to have a few drinks before the concert I was very good and did not have that many but my friend Maggie had far too much and fell asleep through the whole concert, she did wake up a few times and look at me and said ‘who are you’
    but the thing i always remember is when we had to catch the train at Kings Cross there were a few police and firemen standing by the notice board we were having a chat with them like you do (i am married to a chief inspector)Maggie had gone off to find a coffee machine, i turned around and saw maggie running towards us with her coffee and with that she slipped on her backside and skidded right across the floor on her bottom and landed at the feet of one of the policeman, it was hilarious, i think she had sobered up by that time so felt a bit of a prat, its frightening to think that was over 22 years ago
    Take care
    Debi x

  2. Marian Bolton August 8, 2011 at 7:01 pm -  Reply

    Been around the world and I, I
    I can’t find my baby
    I don’t know and I don’t know why
    Why he’s gone away
    And I don’t know where he can be
    My baby, but I’m gonna find him ……………
    What a terrific song that was Charlie. I’ll be singing that all week now! Didn’t it have a real ‘Barry White’ feel to it. Maybe he was involved? I love your taste in music.

  3. charlie brook August 9, 2011 at 10:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Hi Marian, thanks for your comments! Debbie you did make me laugh. I must be honest I have fallen asleep at the cinema on quite a few occasions! I normally wake with a jolt and spill my popcorn!
    Marian, I agree, there is a Barry White feel to the song… can you believe it… 22 years ago… Wow!
    take care

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