Disorganised chaos to organised chaos


This is my husband's favourite theory – disorganised chaos is so much easier than being organised as it's easier for him to locate things on his office desk because he knows exactly where he put the thing that he can't find! Oh, and only HE can find it!

I never used to be that tidy, he was always the tidy one, so I am not sure what has gotten into me over the last few years. Maybe the fact that I lived in a beautiful Victorian picturesque cottage before I moved home last year had something to do with it.

The cupboards had to be so organised with clothes, linens, cleaning products and such. There were many cupboards, but as you can imagine in the Victorian days everything was very small. The space-saving bags were my life saver for linens and towels as well as those winter coats that you could never imagine you would ever wear again when the sun was shining.

Having moved last year I've realised that this organisation fetish has moved with me. Our new wardrobes arrived last week and I was devastated, in fact begging on my knees for my husband to overlook my collection(s) (his 's' not mine!) of shoes and handbags to see what could go and what could stay.

I've become an expert in distraction and managed to fight him off for another week at least. I can't live without the space-saving flock hangers. Pink for me and grey for my hubby. They increase your wardrobe space dramatically. All of a sudden a shopping rush came to my head, 'wow that pink shirt I saw last week will fit (into the wardrobe that is!)'

Lock & Lock are the bee's knees too. They're always in use in our house especially when Larry and I are away for the night. We use them for Scruncher's dinner when he does his sleep-over with his friends Molly and Buster at the Farm.

Jill x

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