Girlie chats, appearing on a talk show and Corrie’s Cobbles


DinnerI had dinner with a few of my girlfriends last week – you might recognise some of them (especially if you live in London and the South East) – (L-R) Charlene White presents the ITV London News at 6pm most weeknights, Sam Johnson reads the football news for The Sun Online and Claudia presents HEADLINE LONDON most weekday lunchtimes on the new local TV station, which is called London Live. We had some lovely food and a good old girlie gossip. I hadn’t seen them in ages and it was so much fun! 

I appeared on the panel of a News and Current Affairs talk show last week, presented by my friend and fellow Journalist Trish Adudu. It was about the sad subject of the kidnapped Nigerian teenagers. It was remarkable how the story has touched so many peoples live around the world. The channel it was broadcast on, OHTV, is transmitted on satellite TV worldwide so we had lots of callers, emailers and tweets and the one-hour show was extended for an additional 30 minutes because the show was deluged with people who wanted to give their opinion on it.

Oh TVI really hope some headway is made on getting those girls home to their distraught families, here’s wishing the help from Britain, the US, France and China might just uncover the girls' location.

If you’re a believer in symbols that hold a sentimental value for you then you might enjoy a show I’m doing this weekend. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that discusses how the human can be in harmony with the surrounding environment. I’ll be sharing an hour with Sarah Shurety, who’s an internationally-recognised authority on Feng Shui, and we’ll be bringing you an hour of gorgeous items that you might want in your home. Make sure you don’t miss it Sunday 18th May at 6pm.

Coronation StreetThis Friday and Saturday is called GET GORGEOUS – all about making sure you’re the best you can look and feel for the summer. I’ve got 2 lovely Fashion by Together shows for you (with Carla), and an hour of wonderful Clarks shoes with Jill too.

Mum and I have been getting ready for a trip to Manchester next week. As lifelong Coronation Street fans, we’re going on the tour of the cobbles! If you want to go and haven’t yet then read this information. Will report back soon! We CANNOT WAIT!


Where you can see me…

Saturday 17th May
10am – Fashion By Together
1pm – Clarks (inc Lunchtime Special)
2pm – Fashion By Together

Sunday 18th May
5pm – Richard Jackson’s Garden (inc Today’s Special Value, if stocks last!)
6pm – Feng Shui with Sarah Shurety

Friday 23rd May
1pm – Fashion by Michele Hope
4pm – Your Floral Home (inc Today’s Special Value, if stocks last!)

Saturday 24th May
5pm – Richard Jackson’s Chelsea Garden
6pm – Bibi Bijoux Fashion Jewellery

Don't forget that when I'm not on-air at QVC, you can find me on Twitter (@TVMarv) or on my Facebook ( page. I always love to hear from you about the brands you like on QVC, what you've bought from us or anything you want to tell me, so come over and say HELLO anytime!!



  1. Beth May 17, 2014 at 1:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    Good to hear you’ve been a busy little bee – not that that surprises me! What beautiful friends you have – it looks like you had a great time and yes, I do recognise Charlene White from the t.v.!
    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware of the Nigerian situation with the girls until I read down the Twitter feed of one of the QVC presenters “BringBackOurGirls”. It must have been yours. Then I heard a really interesting debate about the situation on LBC radio with Petrie Hosken – all credit to her and her guest, it was so informative and since then and seeing the Twitter feed, I’ve been ranting at the screen, saying why isn’t this making headline news?? It finally has of course and I’m so glad your programme was watched by lots of people who want to debate on this. Unfortunately I didn’t see it but glad you and Trish did so. I can only hope that by the time I next reply to you, the girls have been returned home and can start to slowly recover from their traumatic ordeal.
    It’s slightly connected but my voluntary work is with young people at a local youth group. I’ve been doing it for 18 months and I love it! The leader is so committed and has health and money problems, works far more than her paid hours and is an inspiration. When I want to moan about things, Ian tells me to think of her situation. I moan, he doesn’t!!
    I will try and catch your Feng Shui show tomorrow as I do find it fascinating.
    Last but not least, have a fab time in Manchester seeing the Corrie set with your mum. I went many years ago when my sister was at Uni there and it was great. It must all be different now – ENJOY!!
    Lots of love,
    Beth XXX

  2. Marverine Cole May 27, 2014 at 5:34 pm -  Reply

    HI Beth, your voluntary work sounds amazing. It’s so important for us to help young people with the benefit of our experiences, don’t you think? It’s always the way that those who help others the most need support too. Keep up the good work, darling.
    Apparently today on the news the Nigerian army say they KNOW where these young girls are. Hope they can rescue them and get them home to their families! Stay in touch – it is so lovely to hear from you. I’m posting some pics of the Coronation Street cobbles soon. Jackie Kabler will be so excited – thanks to her that she told me about it! We’re both nuts about Corrie! xxxxxx

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