Did you catch John Barrowman on air?


Hey guys,

Did you see John Barrowman on air today? It seems as though he was a huge hit. I caught up with him during his time here at QVC – watch the vid above.



  1. linda turton February 27, 2010 at 5:31 pm -  Reply

    HI guys
    love the show on qvc yesterday got my tearbear and my watch and JB cd hope i got his sign photo i was on the phone at 2pm
    just lovely to see him on qvc as he is a big fan of show as well
    and to see his face when they told him that his cd had sold out
    I am a big fan of his and go all round England to see him but seening him on qvc was a lovely treat he was so happy now you started some think now can we have him on all the time please and give him a job that would be cool!
    yours LTurton

  2. Holli Jones-White February 28, 2010 at 4:46 am -  Reply

    John Barrowman is a natural fit for QVC and vice versa. I never thought I’d say this, but he should have his own QVC show, like Joan Rivers has for her jewelry. Unbelievably, his cd sold out in 3 minutes, congrats to him and QVC. And his fans loved that he continued selling other items as they were shown in subsequent segments. I laughed hilariously when he was in the Northern Nights bedding segment with Jill Franks and ???. Never knew his feet were that big! (;>)) Then the lock & lock plasticware segment was over the top, I never knew there were so many ways to lock them.
    Debs, any chance you could put in a good word for him on QVC in America? Though I think I like QVC UK better, because your presenters are more friendly, less pushy, and probably sell more product. Maybe it’s the lovely British accents. I live in America, and would like to see him and you on QVC there.
    Thanks for posting the vid.

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