Devon, BBQ weather and buying a B&B?


Phew another crazy busy week! I’ve done a little summary for you below, but as usual, much more info will be on my website – links below.

First – Dyson debuts V8 on Sunday – new cordless vac, the absolute is our upcoming Today’s Special Value offer! 

I’ll be launching Dyson’s Today’s Special Value on Saturday night with Steve McDonald. The V8 features a brand new powerful motor and the charge is double the run time! I was invited along to the flagship store in Oxford St to find out more…

Do join me this Saturday at midnight and it’s on all through Sunday!

Devon Weekend


Had a super time again with lovely Alix my pal in Belstone just inside the Dartmoor National Park, and the weather was nice – albeit a bit windy on the second day!

I also went for a walk on the moors with little hound Basil, Alix’s grandpog – he’s so funny. Basil’s a fox terrier with the longest nose! I also went to a get together welcoming the new owners of The Tors pub, Kevin and Emma and amelia ( I think!).

Also – do you know about old, old houses made of ‘cob’? The walls sometimes fall down! Look what happened to this one, which made the papers a few weeks before I arrived – not far from where Alix lives! Eeek!


Got lots of writing done too – French or Dutch is coming along nicely! Looking forward to going back again soon. Love Devon. One day I might buy a property there…



 Remember Retreats For You? Whilst I was in Devon I popped over to see my pal Deborah Dooley who is selling the fabulous Sheepwash house and retreat business due to family circumstances. If you know anyone who wants one, go here.

Family Barbie Chez Moi – had a super afternoon with my kids and their other halves on Saturday and enjoyed a wonderful catch up – it wasn’t super sunny but the food was fab! I had bought some Real Pie Company pies but in the end it was too warm. They’ll have to stay in my freezer – shame!


Coin Inspiration At the Devon Hatherliegh Market on Tuesday there was a coin stall – old coins fascinate me, and since I’m writing about the early 1920s for a future project, I wanted to have something tangible to inspire me – and I found several old pennies, halfpennies and farthings from 1916-1923. I can hold them in my hand and feel a link with my main character who is based on a real person! Cool! What’s the oldest coin you’ve got or a special one with a memory attached?


I’m just off to do the ‘spanglering’ … it could have happened! An interesting ‘did you know’, considering our Dyson TSV this Sunday. Did you know the original inventor of the domestic vacuum cleaner in the USA was a janitor called James Spangler who invented it around 1907.

He didn’t have the money to develop it though, so in 1908 he sold the patent to local Ohio leather goods manufacturer William Henry Hoover, who redesigned it and launched what became known as the Hoover!

Developments included in 1919 the beater bar ‘it beats as it sweeps as it cleans’ – that phrase is really that old! Disposable filter bags were introduced in the 1920s and the first upright was in 1926. How amazing that it wasn’t until Dyson in the 1990s that this household icon got a revamp! Join me on Saturday night midnight for the new V8 absolute cordless!


This week’s bouquet I focussed on the pinks – soooo many different flowers again here. Some I planted, but many, once more, from the amazing garden I inherited in my rented house.


This week on my website –

  • Book of the week – ‘The Invitation’ – a fabulously glamorous Gatsby-esque drama!
  • A blog about my trip to the Dyson flagship store, I also share my thoughts on their new hairdryer
  • Till the Fat Lady Slims and Health update – incl news about gut bacteria and the chimp paradox workshop!
  • Newsletter including exclusive video
  • Subscribe to get my future email newsletters too – often with Early Bird Order links for our QVC deals! All my social media links to keep up with the updates are here,
  • Go here to read it all!


Facebook funny
Remember these? We didn’t know any different did we! Lol. Oh how times have changed. Now we do a smartphone for £40 that’s a hundred times more versatile!


Happy 12th Birthday To Daisy
Medical Detection Dog’s Daisy, turned 12 years young this week, she looks fantastic and as alert as ever. Here she is surrounded by her presents and her book! Find out more about  MDD here.


Watch – Bad Moms – been thinking about seeing this – what do you think? New film out in the cinema. I laughed at a phone in on a radio station where they were discussing some of the ways listeners had been ‘bad mums’ themselves – one of them was ‘skipping pages during storytime’!!! I’d NEVER have done that – bedtime reading is sacrosanct! So I’m trying to think of the worst thing I did – probably writing on the inside of the school shirt in a thick indelible pen rather than sewing on the posh labels like some of the other mums did! Least they never got lost! Here’s the trailer – funny!

PS not long till Bridget Jones’ Baby!! Looks BRILLIANT!!! Click here

PPS ‘The Martian’ is on Sky Movies atm too – looking forward to seeing it since I listened to the audiobook of it. Trailer is here!


This Week on QVC

Superb weekend! Decleor Todays Special Value on Saturday – go here to see Will’s chat with Fiona about the two options that are included! PS click the link here to get the #offer early?

Sunday – the Dyson v8 TSV – as above! Top of the range and wait till you see the new emptying mechanism.

Decleor and Dyson Today's Special Value offers

Then on Monday, the big calm! This Works first Today’s Special Value offer comes with their
Deep Sleep pillow spray 150ml (won our customer award last year!) DOUBLE SIZE!
Deep Sleep shower gel 250ml
Deep Sleep stress less 5ml roll on and de-stress!
Plus No wrinkles tired eyes 15ml (worth £42 on its own)
With over 1.3m searches on google each month for ‘cant sleep’, you’ve got to try this! Great unisex gift. PLUS stock up for you at these prices. Wayyyy under £40. Hope some left for my show on Monday at 10pm!

This Works Today's Special Value


Monday night – I have TWO Vionics shows – just bought myself these in Black – former TSV – I wear the silver tone all the time atm, so thought I’d get some nice smart black ones. I’m a seven in these – not only do they support your arches with their built in orthotics, they are quite wide too and adjustable for hobbit feet!


Benefit have their first ever  Today’s Special Value this coming Wednesday! Fab to have Lisa back – she’s funny! Watch Will Gowing’s QCam to find out more.

Benefit QVC TSV

Links of London –   And Coral’s back with a new Links of London TSV on Friday 26th – this sweetie mini mix necklace!


Also on Friday – I’m on the new look Lunchtime Show at 1pm! So many people are away I’ve been asked to come in a bit earlier than usual – do join me if you can! And on Friday night Alison’s Beauty Excellence Awards – did you know Alison actually won a CEW Achiver’s Award  award herself recently? Prestigious!


Next week A lovely two days in Champneys. Can’t wait! Have a fab week!

Best wishes



PS Below is another selection of super testimonials from one of my Facebook groups, tying in with my Freedom Eating system of weight loss, as described in my book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ available online.

Jane D –

NSV (non-scales victory.) Buying a bra and knickers that match rather than getting something just because I have found something that fits.

Cant thank you all enough , oh boy you girls have caught me so many times over the past several months it’s been so bloomin’ tough , without the support I have had from you all , saying things I wouldn’t have dared tell anyone else for fear of what others would say. How could I possibly think like this. So many of you understood and your comments as always so supportive. I feel good today. I know one step at a time but I’m getting there.

As normal I could write a book I have so much I want to say. But if you are reading this and new to the group, I know it does take time to build up some trust , but this group is so much more than losing weight . You only have to read ttfls to see why so many people fail. I’m proud to say I haven’t failed , I’ve had a few wobbles but who hasn’t and YEP I’m still here and bloody proud of it.
You guys ROCK!

Fabulous news isn’t it, from yet more ladies finding the support from TTFLS and Freedom Eating is really helping on their weight loss journey. I say to anyone who wants to give it a try, to read up on ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet’ book which is like the one which sold out in signed hardback on QVC last year. Plus book 3.0 with more tips and tales to inspire. The whole story and links are here on my webpage.

KEEP IN TOUCH – come join Facebook groups and Twitter, links here; follow my page here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.

MY STEAMY NOVELS AND PUBLISHING DEAL, WHSMITH TRAVEL AND WEIGHT LOSS BOOKS – just go to my website for all the info on my writer page – it’s here.



  1. martin forbes August 19, 2016 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi debs hope you and your son and daughter are well iam not bad

  2. Tanya McMean August 19, 2016 at 8:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi deb, love reading your very busy & informative blogs.RE coins , on our wedding day 27/12/69. My hubby was asked at the alter for silver to be placed on tray with Gold rings. My hubby put 2/6 (half a crown) on plate . it’s date is 1950 the year I was born . Its been in little wedding ring pouch ever since… It will not be worth much LOL, but is sentimental to us Tanya xx

  3. Jane August 20, 2016 at 10:12 pm -  Reply

    Just have to say you have the best blogs ever, so interesting to read all your news and updates about everything, well done keep it coming.

  4. sue August 23, 2016 at 2:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Deb , love reading your blogs and everytime I see pics of your son I think he should be in the movies , a handsome guy .Your family seem so close and fun too .

  5. Jane August 25, 2016 at 3:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie love reading your blogs always find them very informative, I have recently started wearing glasses for close work, a few of my friends recommended the reading glasses qvc had a year back do you know if they will be back on soon and have you tried them, thanks in advance and keep up the hard work love Jane x

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