Bumper crops of fruits and flowers!


QVC customer Agnes' Red Brandywine tomatoes Despite it officially being the coldest summer for 18 years, it has been a very good year for some plants.

I've had fantastic results with my Zinnia 'Giant Dahlis mix' which surprised me as I thought they were only successful in hot summers. But they've been amazing with masses of the most colourful flowers brightening up the garden for months – and they're superb cut flowers too.

I've heard good reports about fruit crops too, sometimes sadly too good, as the trees have split under the weight of their bumper crops. Tomatoes under glass have been excellent too. I've had my best crop ever (sadly not the whoppers pictured here).

I grew my favourite, the cherry sized, extra tasty Gardeners' Delight, but also a new variety called Pannovy, which has cropped very heavily, but doesn't have the flavour I'd expect from home-grown toms, so I won't be growing that variety again.

A QVC customer, Angela from St Agnes in Cornwall, has told me that her 'usual' tomatoes, Losetto, Meskotka and Alicante (fed with Flower Power) have flowered and fruited so heavily that they were breaking under the weight, however they survived and, lucky thing, she was able to pick her first fruit on 15th June.

She also tried a heritage variety, Red Brandywine, which she grew for fun. She sent me this picture of the trusses just ripening and reports that the first tomato she ate weighed 12oz (!) and tasted delicious! She'll be growing this again next year and, looking at this fantastic crop, I think I might give it a try too.

Happy gardening


  1. LornaPowell March 26, 2013 at 5:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Richard just received my Raspberry canes. I want them to grow in pots can you advise me on what sized pots would I use please..x

  2. Helena Barrow March 30, 2013 at 3:46 am -  Reply

    Please could you help me – I watched a presentation that focussed on strawberries, special ones that were stated to be sort of ‘F2’ plants, not first year plants, but those which were usually only available to commercial growers, but QC had managed to get them. What were these please? I have watched oodles of re order programmes but cannot find them. Help, please – I so much would like to try them, having been inspired by QVC and your boundless enthusiasm and encouragement.
    🙂 Aged new but hopeful gardener in Devon

  3. Gloria Leggett August 10, 2013 at 3:50 pm -  Reply

    Bought red cove apple tree this is the 3rd year and we have about 28 apples and are very heathy but we have a lot of blossom on the tree should I remove the blossom I have feed it with your plant feed and your invigorator just need some advice thanks G Leggett

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