December gardening jobs, part 2


Hi everyone,

Here's the second part of my December gardening jobs. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Check your containers
With Christmas fast approaching, it’s easy to forget your outdoor pots and baskets. To keep them looking their best, try to check them at least once a week. Water them if needed and remove any finished flowers. 
Add colour with winter flowering shrubs
If your garden is looking a bit dull, check out some of the pretty winter flowering shrubs you can get from the garden centres. Evergreen mahonia, scented witch hazel and yellow winter jasmine are especially good.
Prune grape vines
It’s the perfect time to cut back grape vines. On established plants, simply trim back this year’s shoots to one bud from the main branch. For best results with young plants, you need to create a framework of branches – follow the step-by-step guide in a specialist fruit book.
Take a look at the seed catalogues
Tired of watching too much Christmas telly? Take a break and flick through the seed catalogues. It’s fun planning what to grow next year and the sooner you place your order, the sooner you can start sowing.
Coping with snow
If heavy snow falls, brush it off conifers, evergreen trees and shrubs. Otherwise their branches may break under the weight.
Get digging!
Burn off those Christmas calories by digging the garden. It’s great exercise and you’ll feel much better for it. If the soil is poor, perk it up with some compost, well rotted manure or leafmould.

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