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Debbie Flint Diet Chef is hitting our screens again on Monday 25th January at 5pm. The easy-to-follow food programme includes chef-prepared meals for dinner, soups for lunch, granola and porridge for breakfast – all this delivered to your door! Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn't it?

Debbie Flint has been on Diet Chef since November, so we caught up with her to see how she's getting on…

How are you finding Diet Chef?
In a word, convenient! I have an empty nest and often cook just for one, so it feels like I come home to a dinner that someone has cooked for me! Taking meals with me to work is also a doddle, plus knowing they're portion controlled gives me peace of mind too.

I'm pleased with the progress of weight loss I've experienced – a stone has come off relatively smoothly over seven weeks resulting in less tight waistbands, my cheekbones being more prominent, and the compliments are coming thick and fast!

Is it easy to stick to?
Diet Chef Yes, because having investigated I found out it's OK to replace any meal with equivalent calories if I'm going out, or fancy an egg or whatever. Easiest of all is I just have to open a packet when it's time to eat – less thinking time equals less time debating food and in the Temptation Zone!

Have you tried diets before?
Yes, all different ones. But, about ten years ago I realised where I’d been going wrong. I found out how I work, regarding weight loss systems. It was via a QVC product funnily enough, called ‘7 Secrets of Slim People’ and it emphasized freedom of choice and a mindset change. 

Since then I don’t binge eat or have last suppers any more. But, having an office job for three years during my nine year gap away from QVC, and a lapse into comfort eating, led to a gradual build up of bad habits and my weight crept up again. When I came back to QVC I knew there would be a product I could use and when Diet Chef was suggested, I said yes because quite honestly it looked delicious!

The extensive choice of meals together with the convenience of a hamper of ready-made meals meant I could still keep that freedom, which is why it’s quite comforting in itself to be supported by this programme.

What are your favourite meals? 
Brand New You logo Soups – pea and ham, med veg, minestrone, the bean ones, and butternut squash which I added some pulses to are my faves. Meal-wise, it has to be the chicken tikka masala.

Is there anything you find difficult?

Breakfast – I’m not a big brekkie eater, especially not cereals, and when I am it tends to be savoury. I have been known to eat last night’s stir fry for breakfast! But adding EasiYo with granola definitely helped.

Do you accompany Diet Chef with exercise? If so, what type?
I walk the dogs nearly every day, about half an hour, plus do stretching and yoga on most nights. Exercise is vital anyway, so as the guide book says do some. I really notice the difference in my body on days I DON’T manage to get some done. 
Debbie also shares her dieting tips and advice in the Diet Chef forum.

Find out more about Diet Chef.


  1. lucia-maria January 25, 2010 at 8:36 pm -  Reply

    well i think your looking great!!! x x

  2. valerie shaw February 8, 2010 at 11:11 am -  Reply

    great to see you back on the great qvc looking good girl on diet chef think i will give it a go (not till after my holls in feb)
    ps still have the ELVIS teddy bear (LOVE ME TENDER) i had from you a good few years ago.xx

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