Dancing to the Jive Aces!


The Jive Aces This weekend we went to the Jive Aces annual fundraising event – they are known as one of the hardest working British bands, and are the weekly house band for the BBC London Radio show I'm part of on a Tuesday evening with Jo Good.

They usually play on a Wednesday but if they're elsewhere in the world that night, they often come in when I'm there on a Tuesday – even then they're usually en route to the airport or have just landed – they're phenomenally entertaining and we had the best afternoon.

Amazingly, the weather held out as the grey clouds were rather ominous over us as we picnicked on hog roast and my famous home-made courgette cake!

Pipa dancing with her daughter Earlier in the week we had taken our children to a 50s review musical show which we loved (my five-year old daughter is a huge fan of rock 'n' roll). It was funny because my husband and I were the youngest at the theatre by about 20 years, so you can imagine how our kids stood out!

Pipa and her daughter It was similar at the Jive event but not such a large age gap as I was amazed at how many 20-somethings were Jitterbugging and Lindy Hopping away! It was a great great time and the rain came at the last number, by which point I was exhausted as my daughter had held me hostage (gladly!) on the dance floor all afternoon!

She's now addicted to spins, rolls and head dips (not that those are the correct terms I am sure!). We're definitely going to take lessons so that next year we can join in fully fledged – and dressed up too!

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