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March 07, 2012

I'm not a morning person!

Toby doesn't do mornings either!Hi all, hope you're well - just a quick blog to stay in touch!

This week I've been moved onto the earlier shifts and I'm even presenting a couple of Morning Shows with Kathy. I'm looking forward to working with Kathy but I'm not sure about the 7am start (9am on-air).

I'm more used to getting home as the dawn chorus starts rather than getting up with it in full swing! If you're able to join me for Thursday and Friday's shows, I promise I'll have changed out of my PJs!

I think I might have to consult Ali Young regarding a face tonic or perhaps I'll just give it a quick iron? (health & safety - that was a joke!). On Friday's show we've got David Essex dropping in - I remember clearly how besotted the girls were with him back in the day and I think those same girls probably tuned in to catch another nostalgic glimpse of their hero when he appeared in EastEnders recently.

Unsurprisingly Kathy bagsied doing the interview - how could I refuse? I'm yet to find out if she was one of the besotted. Perhaps she'll come clean in the interview? I'd love to hear your reminiscences if you too were or still are a fan.

My daughter went to see her fave band on Friday, The Wanted, and described it as one of the best nights of her life - she was in the fourth row and her particular beau, Tom, stood right in front of her for most of their performance. It was really lovely to see how excited she was afterwards and it lasted through much of the weekend. I wonder if any of The Wanted will appear on EastEnders or QVC in the future for that matter?

Anyway less of my ramblings, take care and stay happy!

Dale xx


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"Hold me close don't let me go ..........oh no". Don't panic Daleo, I'm just reciting a bit of Mr Essex. Though, to be honest, I was more partial to the uber flamboyant Mr Adam Ant. Now there was a saucy geezer! My first mega popstar crush. Yes indeedy, I would gladly have been that saucerer's apprentice any day (or night!!!) of the week. Try a bit of 'Stand and Deliver' to cure your 'not a morning person' dilemma gorgeous, I can highly recommend it!!!!
By the way, that late shift you're on next Friday Dale'icious ................ might be just a bit of bad luck you're having there cos you might just bump into me after all! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink .....say no more!! On a positive note though, I promise to get my buns out if you do!!
Ma xx

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Hi Dale,
Mmmm, David Essex, yes please. He's still got a certain something. Yes I was and still am a big fan. Saw him in concert a few years ago. Brilliant.
By the way, don't worry about changing out of the pj's.!!!!!!
Give us girls a thrill.......sorry Mrs F.

Fiona (bard)

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Prince Charming, Prince Charming .............. just reciting a bit of Adam Ant for Ma Dale. I think the song was named after you Daleo x

Yes, it's true, I'M BACK, although I'm more Booooooo Hooooooo than Wooooooo Hooooooooo these days. Recovered from Pneumonia okay; bounced back as per usual but, on Valentines Day, of all days, my precious dog, Dandy, passed away. He was 20 years young and he was a treasured member of our family for 17 years. We were all devastated. This is true Daleo and Ma; I cried so hard and for so long that I pulled the muscles in my back and was in agony for 2 weeks (absolutely true). He was a rescue Chihuahua and we adored him. My get up and go just got up and went. I'm still so upset although it helps when everyone keeps telling us he had the best life ever. Got a lump in my throat at the moment but, in the words of Arnie, I'LL BE BACK XX

Hi Ma, lol xx Hope Daleo gets to see your buns this time. I'll be watching xx

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Actually Fiona, Daleo doesn't wear any PJ's. Well, at least that's how it is in my dreams!!

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It's so lovely to have you back Gail. I've really missed you. Dale's blog just hasn't been the same and I'm sure our hero missed you just as much.
I really feel for you losing your beloved companion. They leave such a void don't they sweetie. Having got to know you just a bit on Dale's blog, I'm absolutely certain that Dandy could not have been more loved or cherished.
My darling Suki was 19 yesterday. I bless the end of every day that she's still with us and doing ok for her age. She's a right kidder you know. Meows so loud at the bottom of the stairs for her 'taxi' but she can't half move when it's time for her tablet!

Lots of love to you sweetie

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It's lovely to be back Ma xx Daleo can't get rid of me that easy!! I've been reading all your comments on the blog, but couldn't comment as to having lost all my 'va va voom'; I'm sure it will return. Thank you so much for your kind words Ma x I'm an 'over the top' kinda animal lover, so when one of mine passes away it hits me quite hard.

I think I have mentioned it before, but it is funny that you have a cat called Suki and I have a cat called Sui (after Steve Irwin's dog) - we're obviously on the same wavelength. I also have a cat who is 22, although you would never know it if you saw her. I can imagine your Suki being spoilt and "why not" I say. Anyway Ma, I hope you are going to be on the TV Friday evening; I'll be watching. Lots of love, Gail xx

Daleo, I hope you are out of your PJs by now x Wow, there's a thought Ma.

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Fiona - Im blushing! Good to hear from you! Marian - how did you know? Ive got an old photo of me as Adam Ant at a fancy dress party - I might share it with you all one day ! Gail, glad you are back fit enough to blog. It sounds like you've had a rotten few weeks. I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Dandy - we lost our previous Beardie Emma after 19 years and which ever way you cut it - it really hurts, more than you realise. But just like you Gail, Tracey and I were consoled by the fact that we'd given a great life to Emma as you did for Dandy. Great to have you back on the BOTF ! Dale x

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Thanks for the kind words Dale. How lovely that Tracey and yourself were able to share 19 wonderful years with Emma, I thought 17 was good going. On each of my dogs caskets I have a plate which reads:


Thanks again for the kind words and lol to Tracey x

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