The Cream Tea Team and Six Degrees of Separation


Debbie enjoying a coffee in the sunshine Well I'm sitting here on a sunny afternoon – again – doing my favourite thing – nothing! Am in Dorking at yet another tea rooms, with my newspaper and iPhone. And the Big Issue (OK, I'm a sucker and couldn't just walk by the woman without buying one!)

Probably for the same reason that I've got lots of tiny direct debits to various good causes – the NSPCC, Cancer Research and some other acronym I forget but am sure it's a charity! Lol. I'll try to read this copy before it goes into the recycling…

Anyway as you may have gathered, I love tea rooms and coffee shops. Always have. Never really been a drinker, but my one vice is coffee – oh and dairy but my body doesn't agree with that one! Well, much of it anyway!

Bradley, Debbie and Lauren on Mother's Day That's why on Mother's Day my gang got together for lunchtime cream teas – and I shared a scone and jam and clotted cream – my kids don't mind, they're used to me now. This is Brad and Lauren and me.

Lauren came back from uni specially, bless her, and Brad had just come back from holiday newly engaged! Congrats to him and Kari. It was a lovely romantic proposal in Brazil apparently – certainly eclipsed my own engagement story, which was being proposed to in a Manchester Pizza Hut next to the noisy kitchen! Hehe! What was yours?

My mum came to tea rooms too, so did my brother and his family – altogether four mummies in that room – quite a cream tea dream team. I was also playing around with an impressive 3D camera, taking footage for when we do our first 3D computer TSV next week – amazing.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Debbie and LJ Rich Then yesterday it was more lovely latte when I caught up with one of my best pals LJ Rich – gadget girl and now working for BBC Click. Again we were in a coffee shop – this time Patisserie Valerie just off Sloane Square, next to Richard Ward's salon.

I got a quick fringe-trim there too in time for my Skechers footwear show last night – 'bout time 🙂

LJ told me about a new project she's doing called Twynphony – fundraising for Japan – creating a special classical music track. Now the clever thing is that she's using social media – typical LJ! – looking for musicians to record one line each. She'll then edit it all together, being the technophile that she is.

Thing is, it's to launch at an international conference on Twitter, so theoretically using the 'six degrees of separation' strategy, she hopes to gather enough musicians – and some famous ones as well – all by people re-Tweeting her appeal for help. Intriguing! If you fancy helping pop over to Twynphony or just follow LJ to find out more at

Perhaps you can forward it if you know someone who might help. Or they can forward it to someone else who can – or they can, or… and so on, hence six degrees of separation! Good theory! It proposes that within six steps you can reach anybody anywhere because of the way we're all connected.

I once helped get tickets to a TV audience recording of a pop star for my aunt's sister's friend, cos I knew someone who knew someone who could get the tickets – see – just about six people involved. Have you ever found you're six degrees away from someone famous? Or got the help you needed from a man who knows a man who knows a man who … You get the idea! The urban myth is that somehow, someway, we're all just six steps away from Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon. If I am, I'd like to know how! Haha!

Course everything's all easier now with the internet of course. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this would you?!

A nice cuppa coffee Anyway, back to the coffee which has nearly gone cold. Never mind! I've got a rare weekend off now – yay! But lots to do at home – writing, garden, dogs, sister coming over to tell me all about her second trip to Las Vegas so it'll be busy. Can you believe it's a year since we all went?!

So I'll say bye for now and have a great weekend and don't forget your Ultrasun!!



  1. sylvia April 8, 2011 at 10:21 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Congratulations to your Bradley and Kari on their engagement.Me and my hubby bought our rings in Edinburgh and then went and exchanged rings sitting on a bench in Princes street gardens next to the Scot Monument.Very romantic eh! Mind you we have just celebrated 30 years on the 28th march this year,so it has not been too bad.I hope when Brad and Kari get married they have many years of wedded bliss and maybe some grandchildren for you Debbie.That will keep you Take care Debbie x

  2. Louise April 9, 2011 at 8:02 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs!
    “How about this engagement thing?” was my ex – perhaps the operative word! – fiance’s proposal to me. We visited a neighbouring town to purchase the ring, and he gave it to meon the top deck of a double decker bus coming home! Romantic, eh? And, wait for it, I had to lend him the money to buy the ring. I didn’t mind that, to be honest, as he wasn’t working at the time and, not meaning to sound hard, but I did make sure he paid me back each week. I would certainly draw the line at buying my own engagement ring!
    Coffee plays a big part in my social life; although it is the only hot beverage I drink, I don’t drink a lot of it, mainly a cup at work. But a couple of male friends of mine and myself meet up regularly at asda to have a coffee – it is delicious, but the service in the cafe leaves a lot to be desired – a chat and then do some shopping. Reduced items are in copious amounts at asda; I bought two melons last week for 10p each, and bags of salad for 10p each. Amazing! One wonders how they can sell it so cheap. Still, as another famous supermarket says “every little helps!”
    I’m on the early shift at work today, and it’s a beautiful morning. We’re supposed to be having a heatwave this weekend – hope so! As I may have mentioned, I’m a pc programmer in the transport industry, and yesterday we were informed that a guy was running around a nearby town brandishing a gun. Well, none of the buses could stop in case he got on. Hope it’s not Derrick Bird all over again. Talking of tragedy, another one we had last year, the floods in workington, I was walking over the replacement temporary footbridge on sunday, and looking into the river, recalled how that policeman , PC Bill Barker, must have felt just prior to losing his life in the execution of his duty, trying to save others. It is guys like this who truly deserve our respect. Compared with their’s, how inconsequential does our life seem?
    Did you read in the media about the lady who married her female yorkie to another dog called Mugly? Apparently he is the ugliest dog in Britain – I don’t agree. He was in the papers a few weeks ago, no fur. They were dressed up in bride and groom outfits, the whole works. She had advertised on the internet for a groom for Lola and spent £20,000 on the wedding, and says she has spent over £100,000 on her three dogs in six years. “Nothing’s too good for my dogs”. Well, I feel the same, but £100,000 in six years? I don’t think so. Anyway, I don’t agree with dressing dogs up. I have a feeling this may all be for publicity, as she runs a doggy boutique and the ‘groom’ is a ‘celebrity’. Call me sceptical.
    I could go on for ages once I get started, but I won’t inflict that upon you, Debs! After all, I do look forward to your replies to my input on the blogosphere.
    p.s. congrats to Bradley and Kari. Have you showed her the vt of Lauren and him on the qvc new year show?
    Take care. Speak soon.

  3. Julie April 10, 2011 at 11:08 am -  Reply

    Hi Deb
    You never fail to write a really good intersting blog.
    I, like you give to loads of charities each month esp anything to do with Cancer as lost my wonderful Mum to the disease 10 yrs ago.
    Second time around I got engaged in Malta-out of the blue!
    I had a lovely Mother’s day present last Sunday, my Daughter gave me a voucher for a local spa(my first Mother’s day as a Nanna to my beautiful Granddaughter)so as you can imagine really appreciated and much needed!!!
    Well the family are going out for Sunday lunch today as my Sister has a big “O” Birthday today so it should be fun-and unhealthy!
    Keep up the brilliant blogs
    Julie xxx

  4. Susan April 10, 2011 at 12:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    What lovely news about your gorgeous Brad! Many congrats to him and Kari. Beautiful names too. He certainly tans well by the way doesn’t he!? You must be so proud and excited. You all look a picture in the above photo.
    Enjoy your time off.
    Susan x

  5. Michelle Roberts April 11, 2011 at 4:22 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie,Can you tell me what lol is (I’m a bit thick on these things)anyway the cream tea looked good!! I asked my hubby to marry me no it wasn’t a leap year 1995 but i knew this one was to good to get away this only after four weeks, still going strong and he’s a toy boy, easier to train me thinks!!
    My poor Rosie(Yorkie) not too well today just wants to sleep but she managed to eat a big bowl of food, Back to rain here in Wales at the moment and cold.
    Congratulatins to Brad and Kari, does this mean a big Hat!!
    Take care
    Michelle x x

  6. debs flint April 13, 2011 at 1:32 am -  Reply

    Sylvia – yes i hope so too! But not for a while yet eh! :-0
    Your story sounds lovely anyway – it may have just been a bench but it was in gardens in Edinburgh! I have great memories of the festival there one year when I went with two boyfriends! (!) when i was much younger of course… Nice to have another comment from you!
    best wishes

  7. debs flint April 13, 2011 at 1:36 am -  Reply

    Louise – my goodness what a tome! Yes i| love a good bargain too – as you can guess from my QVC purchases! lol. I like Asda, amongst others, adn for some things, I have even been known to favour Lidl! Hehe.
    Ref spending that amount of money on doggies – no I wouldnt be in that camp I’m afraid. Each to their own, but my ‘own’ would be to donate to help lots of others pogs rather than the whole lot on a few pooches. But having said that, my four cost me a fortune at the mo – mainly in healthcare! Thank goodness for insurance tho! Thanks for your comments about Brad and Kari! Exciting days!
    Best wishes

  8. debs flint April 13, 2011 at 1:43 am -  Reply

    Julie – thanks for commenting hon! First ‘grand’mother’s day eh! Fantastic! I don’t mind if it’s a few more years till my first one tho! :- )
    And spa days are my Lauren and my idea of a great celebration – we’ve seen many a Champney’s mum and daughter weekend over the years!
    Sorry about your mum – my dad was same, bout 19 years ago now. Doesnt seem possible so many years have passed – when he died virtually noone had a mobile phone, it was that long ago! Mind you, dad did – it made contacting them all at their caravan in Selsey a real novelty in those early cellular years! Cost a fortune too – about £1500 over a five year contract! I smile when I remember my dad with it – it was huge – much bigger even than Richard Gere’s ‘mobile’ in Pretty Woman! Ah, time flies. Fond memories!
    best wishes

  9. debs flint April 13, 2011 at 1:46 am -  Reply

    Susan – I did enjoy my two days off for sure! This week I’m doing five again – maybe six – so I’ll be ker-knokered by Sunday! lol. Yes Brad’s always tanned well – like my brothers, sister and mum.Not like me tho – or Lauren – we’re factor 30 all the way! Ultrasun of course! hehe!

  10. Nichola Baacke April 13, 2011 at 9:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    You were asking about all in one wedding venues in Surrey (I live in Woking). Check out the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in East Horsley. Someone I work with is getting married there next year, he was showing me a brochure and they have lovely grounds for photo’s etc.
    Hope that helps.

  11. debs flint April 14, 2011 at 5:54 pm -  Reply

    Nichola – Ramada Jarvis eh? Will do! No probs will tell brad!
    ta hon

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