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Coronation Streets stars' mums - Pasty, Anne, Pauline and Julia We asked the mums of top Coronation Street stars – Helen Flanagan (Rosie), Samia Smith (Maria), Katherine Kelly (Becky) and Kym Marsh (Michelle) – to tell us why their girls are stars on and off screen.

Patsy: how did Samia start out?

She's been in the soap ten years now but was acting before then – she was even an extra in Coronation Street when she was about seven or eight.

I've been watching it since I was ten, when it started back in 1960. When she started acting in it, I found that I was watching her and not her role. But it's been lovely to see her change from a little timid girl into a little beauty. Plus, she's a Mum now with little Freya and she's so natural with her. I love spoiling them both.

Do you think her role in Coronation Street has changed her at all?

Samia with her Mum and brotherOh no, she's not diva-ish at all and I say that from the heart, not just as her Mum. She's very well grounded which may have come from her upbringing in Salford.

She had quite a tough time at school and was often picked on for her modelling, as she was known as the 'pretty one'. But she hates confrontation and fall out, she is just so caring and considerate.

Tell us about your relationship with Samia

Samia when she was little As we get older we tend to clash a little more – she tends to play the Mum and I play the daughter! She definitely puts me in my place. I'm a lot more open than she is and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve – she is much more private and reserved.

Sometimes I help her with her lines. She's had some really tough story lines to deal with but I think she pulls it off every time (I know I would say that!) She had one story line about her losing a baby, and I’d been through the same thing myself. I didn't feel like I had to give her advice about it or anything but I was honest with her and I thought she played it really well.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

Patsy and Samia Well there's a lot to celebrate as I'm also sixty this year!

They're keeping it a bit of a surprise but on the day I'll probably just go for a meal with Sam and my son Tariq.

Pauline: how did Kym start out?

Kym with mum Pauline She's been in Coronation Street about four years now and has slotted right in. When she was first in it, I just couldn't help watching her and not Michelle (who she plays).

She was in the pop group, Hear'Say, if you remember, and has done a lot of theatre work too. I think it was her role in Saturday Night Fever that gave her the acting bug – she was brilliant in that. She was also in Annie and actually I still have the tape of her singing all the numbers from it!

Do you think her role in Coronation Street has changed her at all?

Oh no, she's just Kym when she comes home, she never changes. At first it was a little bizarre when she became famous, seeing her on the shelf staring at me from a magazine, but now it's just second nature and she seems used to it all.

Tell us about your relationship with Kym

Pauline with Kym when she was little We're good friends really. We love going shopping and getting all dressed up together. Just really good mates! When we go shopping, I'll point out something I like and before I know it, it's in the bag. She's lovely like that.

And she's a great Mum too – oh how they grow up!

Does she ask you for advice for her role at all?

Pauline with Kym and her brother Only to go through some of her lines with her, otherwise she does it all on her own. Some of my friends say I must sneak a peak at the scripts lying around to see what story lines are coming up but I don't. I don't want to spoil it for myself!

I've been watching it since it began, and my mother watched it too. I love it!

Julia: how did Helen start out?

Helen with mum Julia Well she's been in the soap ten years now and originally it all started out as a hobby. She used to go to drama classes once a week and was approached for commercials when she was about six. I remember one commercial in particular as she had these really wobbly teeth that just managed to hang on until they fell out on the way home!

She's been really fortunate with story lines in Coronation Street as she's had some great ones. It can be strange watching her on the telly but you just kind of get used to it.

Tell us about your relationship
with Helen

Julia with Helen when she was little We're really close. She still lives at home so we go swimming together when we can – that's our little hobby together. When she's really busy, I make sure to have all her meals ready for her when gets in just to help her out.

We also have a really close-knit family and she has a close circle of friends too which help to keep her grounded.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

Ooh I know this one. We're off to London for a two-night stay – so we can do some shopping and hopefully go to see a show too.

Anne: how did Katherine start out?

Anne and Katherine Well she's been in Coronation Street for about three years now but before that she did a lot of theatre roles. My husband and I both have a background in acting so she's been brought up with it really – always being dragged to rehearsals or backstage during shows. And whenever we needed someone to play a child's role, we always put her forward!

She is really academic so acting was just a hobby until she started applying for Universities and we suggested she apply for a few acting schools too. When RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) accepted her, she couldn't say no!

Do you think her role in Coronation Street has changed her at all?

For us it all still feels a little unreal. When she's in magazines or at awards ceremonies, we suddenly start thinking, 'Gosh, hasn't our Kate done well!"

It's strange seeing people clamouring to get her autograph and in fact in her local pub, they really look after her and allow everyone ten minutes to get autographs off her and then she can go back to catching up with her mates.

Anne and Katherine when she was little We see more of her now as she's closer to home. With her theatre roles, she could be doing ten performances a week and was living out of a suitcase. She has a little more time now.

She's also a little more guarded, I'd say, when we're out and about. But back home, she goes straight back to where she left off.

Does she ask you for advice for her role at all?

Oh, I'm always doing lines with her but she's far better than me even though I've been doing it for longer! When she started she read a really in-depth biography of Becky so she knows the part so well.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

She may actually be working but last Mother's Day was a real treat. We went down to Plymouth as she had to attend a club opening night. The seven-hour train journey down there was lovely as we managed to have a good old catch up, just me and her. It was a lovely day too and we had dinner at an outdoor restaurant on the cliff tops.

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  1. jodie lynch May 16, 2010 at 4:22 pm -  Reply

    becky from corrie is an inspiration to me and my dream one day is to appear in corronation street, for as long as i can remember… i am 21, living in cork in Ireland. i dont think ill ever get there but its nice to dream eh..

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