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Clickfree C2N 500GB multi PC hard drive with 'BackupLink' & docking station

If you're interested in backing up your precious data with our fantastic 500GB ClickFree network back-up drive and want to find out more then take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Key questions

Does this ClickFree copy all my files each time I plug it in?
Is this ClickFree Mac compatible?
How many PCs or Macs can I back up using the ClickFree?
Will this ClickFree transfer a virus?
Will this ClickFree back up emails?

Can I select which files to back up?

Can this ClickFree be used for backing up only one or two files?
Will this ClickFree work with a slower USB 1.1 connection?
Can I use this ClickFree even though I don't have a wireless network?

1. How does this ClickFree differ from using a large capacity flash drive?
A: The difference is in the back-up software built in to this device and its network capabilities. A flash drive provides storage space and you have to manually find and copy all of your files. This ClickFree automatically searches out new and changed files, and backs them up if needed.

This is much easier than trying to remember which files you've changed or tediously copying folders from all of the locations you store data. With the network capabilities of this ClickFree, you can simply leave it plugged into one computer on your network, and it can back up all of the computers across your network automatically (the ones that have been set up with BackupLink).

2. Does this ClickFree copy all my files each time each time I plug it in?
No, all ClickFree backup products run an incremental back up after the initial back up. The first time you use the device all of your data files will be copied to the back-up drive. After that each time you plug it in or start a back up using BackupLink, the ClickFree will copy over files that are new, have changed, or have been moved.

3. Is this ClickFree Mac compatible?
Yes, it's compatible with Macs that use OS x 10.5 and up, on Intel processors. It will support Macs and Windows computers at the same time, making it a great choice for a home or small business that has different types of computers. There is no special software required to back up a Mac and PC.

4. Can I transfer between a PC and a Mac?
Yes, you can back up both PCs and Macs on this drive and transfer files between them easily.

5. How many PCs or Macs can I back up using the ClickFree?
The space you need per computer depends on the number and size of data files on the computers that you wish to back up.

6. How often should I back up my computer?
If you keep this ClickFree plugged into your computer, it automatically backs up all the computers in your network (after you have plugged it into each computer once). It is scheduled to back up every 12 hours. You can also schedule it to back up files as frequently as once every minute. If you don't keep this ClickFree plugged into your computer, it will back up your files when you plug it in.

7. Will I be able to tell which files belong to which computer?

A: Yes, the ClickFree back-up drive keeps the back up files separated in the dropdown menu. They are clearly labeled based on the computer that the files came from.

8. Can I back up two computers with different operating systems on the same ClickFree?

A: Yes, you can even back up a Mac and different versions of Windows at the same time.

9. Can I remove backed-up computer information from this ClickFree?
Yes. Go to Options, highlight the computer you want to remove, and then select the Remove Computer tab.

10. Where does the information on the ClickFree go when I download my files to a new computer?

A: The backed-up files remain on the drive until you manually delete the files, delete the entire computer (as explained above), or reset the drive. Files are never automatically deleted from a ClickFree back up drive.

11. Will this ClickFree transfer a virus?
No, it will generally not transfer a virus for two reasons:

a. Although this ClickFree doesn't contain antivirus software, it uses your computer's copy function, which triggers antivirus software programs automatically. If you have antivirus software installed on your computer and you use this ClickFree to back up or restore files, the antivirus software will run and prevent files with viruses from being copied.

b. Most viruses are executable files (.exe), and ClickFree does not search for and back up this type of file.

12. Will this ClickFree back up emails?
Yes, the ClickFree C2N backs up email from common programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasis, Eudora, The Bat, and Windows.

13. Can I select which files to back up?
Yes. By default you don't need to select the files you want to back up. The ClickFree automatically detects and backs up common file types. If you prefer, you can choose the files and folders to back up by specifying their extension or location using Options.

14. If I download the same files from two different computers will the files merge?
No, the back-up files for each computer are kept organized separately, and the files are not merged. If you have the same files on two computers ClickFree will keep them separate.

15. If I have a flash drive or external hard drive connected to my computer, will this ClickFree back up the files on these?
Yes, it can back up other drives, including flash drives, that are connected to your computer. Turn this function on in Options.

16. Can this ClickFree be used like an iPod?
No, it cannot generally be used as a player. It will automatically back up music files, and the back-up software has an audio player which will allow you to play the music from your back-up drive onto the computer to which it's attached. However, there is no battery or headphone jack, so you cannot play music when the drive is not connected to a computer.

Please note: This ClickFree has a feature that allows you to import music from an iPod connected to another USB port to the computer into the iTunes library.

17. Is there any way to use this on an older computer that doesn't have a USB connection?
No. This ClickFree requires a USB port. It will also only work with systems using an operating system of Windows XP or higher, or Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, which should feature a USB port as standard.

18. Is it safe to delete files from the computer after I've backed them up with this ClickFree?
No, this is not recommended. Safety comes from having multiple copies of your files - one on the computer and one on a back-up device. If you want to remove files from your computer, it might be a good idea to have a second back-up (i.e. copies on a CD or DVD). You can create copies using the functionality built in to this ClickFree. By deleting the files off of your computer with only a single copy, you've simply moved the risk of losing your data from one device to another. Should your ClickFree device be dropped, lost, or stolen, you could potentially lose the files. Each additional copy you make helps reduce the risk of data loss.

19. Does this ClickFree back-up everything that came installed on my computer?
It backs up data files, including photos, videos, music, office documents (like spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents), and much more. It does not, however, back up program files.

20. Can this ClickFree be used for backing up only one or two files?
Yes, you can choose to back up specific files by going into Options on the countdown page. However, the product is intended to automatically back up all of your data files.

21. Can I back up my computer if it's on a network?
Yes, this ClickFree is specifically designed to back up multiple computers using your existing wireless network. Just plug it in to any computer on the network and that computer will automatically be configured to back-up whenever this ClickFree is connected to any computer on the network.

22. Will this ClickFree restore files backed up from a Vista computer to a Windows 7 computer?
Yes, it has backup software that intelligently restores files between Windows operating systems, putting files like desktop icons in the right places. It detects the operating system you're backing up from and places files in the right place on the operating system that you're transferring to.

23. Will this ClickFree work with a slower USB 1.1 connection?
Yes, it can work on a slower USB 1.1 connection. Back-up will just take a little longer.

24. Will this ClickFree back up an iTunes library?

25. If I restore my computer, will my backup content automatically be deleted from this ClickFree?
No. Your backup files stay on this ClickFree drive until you manually delete them. ClickFree will never automatically delete files.

26. If I buy a new PC and previously used a Mac, can I move files from my Mac to my PC using this ClickFree?
Yes, you can transfer your files backed up on a Mac to your PC using this ClickFree. This function is new for this model. With previous ClickFree products, if you used the drive first on your Mac, it wasn't as easy to transfer your files to a PC, though it was possible.

27. Can the firmware be updated? If so, how?
Yes, the drive automatically checks for updates when you are connected to the Internet. When you are connected to the Internet, you can also manually initiate a check for software updates by selecting Options from the countdown page. If important updates are available, ClickFree will send you a message recommending an update when you connect the device to your computer.

28. Can I use this ClickFree even though I don't have a wireless network?
Yes. The added bonus to the ClickFree C2N is that BackupLink performs two functions. First, it replaces the scheduled back-up system on the older models. Second, it is used to automatically connect you to your wireless router. If you don't have a router, it's no problem - this ClickFree can perform the same functions as the models without wireless capability.

29. If I don't want a certain computer backed up with the rest of the computers on a network, is there a way to prevent it from being backed up?
When you connect ClickFree to the computer and perform a back-up, the BackupLink software is automatically installed on that computer, making it ready to back-up over the wireless network. If you don't want BackupLink automatically installed, but still wish to back-up that computer, perform the usual back-up by plugging the device in. After back-up is complete, right click over the ClickFree icon in the bottom tray of your computer screen and uninstall BackupLink.


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