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April 06, 2011

Mother's Day


Hope you're week has got off to a cracking start… those weekends go so quickly don't they?!

I had a lovely time with the family. Sunday was of course Mother's Day. Our kids bounded into our room, very very early, with a nice cup of tea and biscuits to kick start the day. I don't drink tea, which was in my favour... as a few minutes into drinking the tea, they said to Mum, ''We had to sieve the tea Mum before we brought it up to you!''

I was puzzled as we have tea bags in our home... so we asked "Why did you need to sieve the tea?" At this stage I'm finding it quite funny as I hadn't drunk any tea whereas their Mum was half way through her mug! They replied, and I quote, ''For some reason there were lumps in the tea!'' We pursued it no further!

We had a lovely relaxed day with a bite out for lunch and then the most fabulous pizza for dinner. We are blessed with a nearby Italian restaurant which produces the most wonderful food including garlic bread which is out of this world!

This week got off to a pretty busy start. Our garden had its first cut of the year, a little late to put it mildly! The grass in places was nearly a foot high. It was hard going on the mower but the smell of fresh cut grass was well worth it! Spring is here.... at last!

Take care and see you soon

Charlie x


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Hi Charlie
Oh you are so funny! I dread to think what was in your partners tea Lol. Up in Scotland I have never heard a lawnmower yet.All my neighbours grass is still very short--It must be the difference in temperature up here.I used to work nightshift and in the better weather I used to dread the drone of the lawnmowers coming out as I couldn't get any sleep.Any other shift workers will know exactly how I feel.Anyway it's lovely to see all the daffodils and snowdrops etc all out at the moment isn't it. I am sitting here at the moment waiting on your Honora show with the lovely Ralph.
Take Care x

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Hi Sylvia, I hope you enjoyed the show with Ralph...! I ended up cutting my grass three times that week to get it to length, it was way overdue! All the best, Charlie

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Hi Charlie I love, love, love your shows. You make them so interesting and amusing. It was down to you that my house is full of Charlie Bears and Honora Pears (although Ralph could always manage to persuade me - gorgeous guy!!! This is the first time I have ever made a comment but I do enjoy the presenter blogs. Do we know when Claudia is returning to work?

Knd regards


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Hi Charlie, I just wanted to say I love watching QVC when you are presenting.You are a bundle of fun and you are so sincere. I love the Charlie bears and own many!! I have just ordered Ragsy. What a sweety. Your daughter is very clever. My children are adults now. (18 and 21) They grow up so fast it's amazing. Where does the time go? You will soon find out how time flys when your children have grown up. Why does Simon have an obsession with what clothes you wear? You always look smart. Anyway my name is Amanda and I have wanted to say Hello for ages now!! Take care and love to your family xx :-)

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Oh, I forgot to write I live in Dorchester. Not far from Portland. I have lived here all my life. I love it. Only 8 miles from Weymouth beach but I don't get out much to appreciate it as I have severe ME. If only I knew you were in Portland You could have come to my home and had a coffee lol xx

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