My best Christmas present ever!


 Hi, Charlie here,

I keep mentioning this, but really, where has this year gone? It's Christmas in a few weeks! 

I got together with my mum and sister last week and we discussed our best ever Christmas gifts we got as children.

I must have been around 13-years-old. It was early Christmas morning and I was wide awake. My mum and dad gave me a little box and said this is your main present! 

My sister said, "Hey maybe it's that onyx silver ring you always wanted."  I opened the box and there was a key to the shed! Maybe it was the tool kit I had my eye on… 

I went to the shed, slowly unlocked the door expecting to see the tool caddy, but to my complete surprise there it was my dream bike – the Raleigh BMX Burner but this burner had Skyway 3 wheels! I nearly fainted it was unreal. I never expected such an amazing present – the best gift ever!

23 years later what would l like for Christmas? Well, for my birthday this year I did get a skate board! No, really I did, it's great. 

So for Christmas, who knows what will be wrapped under the tree?

See you soon


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  1. diana December 2, 2008 at 9:55 pm -  Reply

    Thats funny – years ago, i must have been 15 or 16 years old, and i was also told to go and look in the shed for my present, but with the warning “mind it doesnt bite you”! I was really nervous.
    It was in fact a very shaggy real Afghan coat! – highly fashionable then and i absolutely loved it!

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