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Debbie and Philip Schofield When people ask us presenters questions like 'how did you get into broadcasting?' I recount with pleasure my time in the Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard.

Twenty five years ago, Philip Schofield kicked off live links in between the programmes – it seems unlikely now, but the links before that were all recorded or out of vision done by a simple voice over person! That’s why the early links looked how they did – they’d just stuck a camera in the voice-over booth!

Then he went off to do Take 2, another kids’ series, and I took over for three months in the afternoons, then again in the mornings during the summer break!

It was an amazing start to my career, having just worked at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester before that, and at a sports channel called Screen Sport. I had a great time, but by the summer I was pregnant with my lovely son Brad, so that was basically the end of my children’s TV career at that time. But I’d rather have had Brad.

This clip below is on the BBC website at the moment, and there’s a montage on YouTube too, via my Facebook wall if you’re interested! I didn’t remember this had happened till I watched it again – funny!

Ten Year CBBC reunion, 1995 Philip was lovely and we met again at a CBBC reunion five years ago. At that stage he still had a bit of his Aussie accent having lived there for a few years – see if you can detect it! And I spoke…. in the words of one of my family, when they watched this… ‘much more common’! God, what were those 80’s fashions like eh? http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/broom_cupboard/12318.shtml

Incidentally, when I was at Screen Sport they commissioned a young sports star to do some golf shows, her name was Kathy Tayler! And when I was doing the links on CBBC it was about the same time as a beauty queen called Debbie Greenwood hosted a kids’ quiz show I linked into. And many of you already know Julia Roberts was a pal from our Croydon Telewest cable days and part of the reason why I later knew about QVC. Coincidences eh!


Debs. X

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