Catching up with QVC’s plant specialists


Claire Austin Well, my mum's in trouble! She told me that we'd have a sunny August. We're now half way through the month and there's little sign of the sun yet.

Last week, we needed to film a promotion for QVC and the director, Paul, ideally wanted a sunny day for it. Looking through the slightly depressing forecast for the week he plumped for Thursday as the best bet.

On the day itself we only enjoyed the briefest of glimpse of sun, but it was at least dry all day so we got the filming done. It seems we were lucky as back home I'm told we had torrential rain all day.

I had a lot of fun on the day catching up with our QVC Gardening plant specialists including Claire Austin (pictured), Carolyn Bourne of Whetmans Pinks and George Clowes of De Jager bulbs. In a tough economic climate, it was good to hear from all three of them about how well their companies are doing and that their success is partly due to their links with QVC.

Back home on Friday, I sprayed the bindweed that kept cropping up in my cutting garden. I'd been patiently digging it up through the summer, being careful to get all the root out, but within a fortnight or so it was back again. August is a particularly good time of year to spray perennial weeds with systemic weedkiller (I used Resolva as it was the cheapest on offer at the time but any glyphosate-based product would do just as well) as the weedkiller gets into the root system just before the onset of the autumn and, hopefully, makes sure the weed doesn't reappear next spring.

I'll let you know if they do!

Happy gardening

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