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SoupLet me begin by stating: I am currently sitting in my car, having driven from QVC, and am awaiting my Pilates reformer class!

Get me!?

Mrs Procrastinator, excuse-maker, 'haven't got time'…ator…(sorry had to make it rhyme… ish!) has suddenly – and I don't really know what the trigger was – signed up to Pilates with a taster class and first beginner class under my belt. The mere fact it's 6.30pm and I have asked Dan to take Tom to youth club is newsworthy!

I think I get engrained in habits – I'm so used to racing around and doing everything I do, so when I'm offered the hand of help I can't quite work out if I truly can (or even ought to) take it! But I have… and intend to more often!

My wish is that it will stop me feeling like an aged old "bird" ahead of time (what with my fall in June, scuppering my hip, and just a general lack of moving myself much, I was feeling vile). 

Let's not be foolish, but also accept and admit that the current 'me' (whilst it's quite fine) isn't the 'me' I used to be (I don't necessarily mean the ex-dancer version, but the 'me' from five years ago)… a svelter and more toned version.

That's the one I'd like to be again and I'd rather NOT wait until I'm 50 to find her… that's called delaying tactics! So, whilst there is still a small chunk of the 40 years for me, here I go…

Alongside my movements I'm also, for the very very first time, rather taken by a cookery book ha ha! I hear reverberating as I have typed that (that'll be Dan laughing). 

I recently felt that I had rather lost my responsibilities in the kitchen… 'Wonderful!', I now hear you cry, and yes I am absolutely and totally in agreement.

For those of you who are new to my rambling, I make no secret of the fact I don't really like the whole malarkey of cooking. The whole: just made it, now everyone's eaten it, recipe following, kind of thing has just never been me, I don't know why. Dan, on the other hand, loves to cook and create.

So, the book that has taken my fancy is Dale Pinnock's 'The Medicinal Chef'. It caught my eye on The Morning Show so I swiftly speed-bought it, whilst presenting the afore mentioned The Morning Show!

Honestly? My intentions were to present it to Dan, however when it arrived I found myself poring over it and list making. Off we went to food shop and our entire shop was based around Dale's recipes. I think we eat very well as a rule, but what I found so interesting was the connections with foods i.e. butternut squash with feta cheese means the beta-Carotene is better absorbed. Plus the simplistic, yet delicious, easy-to-make results have hooked me in and I am loving it.

Soup makerFor the green soup (shown in the pic at the top) I used the genius cook's essentials soup maker, it was truly delicious and I have to say I have changed my opinion about the soup maker. I did think: '….Why?!' when soup is so easy to make in a saucepan.

However 20 mins later – after no stirring, no checking – I realised how
helpful it would be. Actually, I'm sure more nutrients will be retained than the conventional methods and I'm all about the healthiness at the moment!

There are lovely recipes in the booklet, but I'm sure any combos you fancy concocting will work.

Sometimes soup is all about the leftovers in my house, in fact here you can see today's fridge leftovers on the left! And on the right is the finished result with seeds and chili flakes added… Once I made black soup! I still don't know why or what made it black but as I recall , only I ate it! So you can see why cooking and I haven't gone together!… Until now maybe.

Fridge leftovers

Another homemade soup









It's actually a perfect time to be back in the saddle/kitchen as my husband has deserted ship and is speeding down the white slopes skiing. I'm still in shock that he actually managed to get up and out by 4.45am, when usually he can barely rouse himself to assist with the morning mayhem until it's well underway… Do not tell him I wrote that or I'll be in such trouble!

Me? Alarm goes at 5.10am and before the second peep is uttered I am out of that cosy bed. Dan, on the other hand, works on the premise of snooze, snooze and more blinkin' snooze button… It totally drives me mad.

Hair clippersI ought to be careful, as I know there are MANY bad habits of mine Dan would, no doubt, be deeeeelighted to share! One day he may get to my blog ahead of me… Now that would make good/cringeworthy reading…mmm I wonder!

What, I wonder, would be your dreadful habits (if you dare share)? Or, even braver, share your other halves'! Here's a pic of one of Dan's, this is the gift he left behind before the afore mentioned skiing trip!!

I shall be juggling like billy-o this end and will enjoy the "me time" that QVC affords me! So I shall look forward, I hope, to your company and chatter.

I noticed some presenters let you know when they'll be on air next so I thought that was a good idea as lots of you ask me on Twitter so…

I shall be on-air with Mr Charlie Brook for a three hour gem-fest on… 

Monday 27th at 6pm-9pm (let's see what he shall reveal…)

Tuesday 28th 12pm with Dyson (you know I love a good clean) oh and the Dyson HOT &COLD fan is beyond genius. Then 3pm with Outerwear.

Monday 3rd February on the Morning Show, then 11am with Jewellery and transformed (?!) with Hairwear at 1pm!

Tuesday 4th at 10am with 'Fab at 40' then Cozee homes at 12pm
Wednesday 5th with Antthony and Antthony Designs at 11am and 1pm – with Kimberley from Annalee + Hope.

Monday 10th at 9am, 10am with M by Marc Bouer, and 1pm with Flameless Candles.

Tuesday 11th at 2pm with Kim & Co, and Richard Jackson at 3pm.

As always, I shall eagerly look forward to your replies In the meantime, I must go and pour myself a glass of wine… I may be trying to be healthy but I am not yet managing the title of Saint Claire!

Lots of love,
Claire xxxx


  1. Claire Sharp January 27, 2014 at 7:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    Lovely to hear all your news as always (I read all your blog posts) and I’m thrilled that you like Dale Pinnock’s book. I’ve been using it for more than a year and am absolutely hooked. You must try the chocolate cheesecake (made with avocados) – I make it at least once a month and everyone loves it. I don’t like mint with choc so I make it with orange juice for choc orange flavour instead. And the cherry crumble – to die for too. (HeHe – I do cook the savoury recipes too, it’s just the puddings that come to mind first…).
    Watching you on Gem Outlet with Charlie and very impressed to see your healthy nut snack (less impressed with Charlie’s chocolate feast – he doesn’t really get through all that does he??!)
    Wishing you all the best with your Pilates and ‘back to you’ lifestyle. Keep it all up – I know you’ll make a great success of it. And don’t be too hard on Dan – some of us (like me!) just find it hard to wake up, I have to do at least one snooze to help me come round!!
    Lots of love
    Claire (don’t know if you remember me – we met at the BCC show a couple of years ago when my friend Debbie was one of the models. I sat for a while between you and Simon Wilson and upset him with my Lulu Guinness Poodle handbag – what can you do?!)

  2. Paula Joy Williams January 29, 2014 at 12:01 am -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    You need time away from the family doing pilates or something for you . The break will refresh you and you will feel energised pilates is so good for the body and strengthens the core. I have a food book Foods that Heal and it relates food to the emotional and physical health of the body, With my IBS and diabetes I’ve found it useful. Since I got made redundant 3 years ago I took charge of the cooking and have grown in confidence by trying different recipes.My elderly father and Jonathan have both benefited from having a range of meals. I’m starting back at work on Friday doing my nursery nursing but just on supply basis as this will fit in better with Jonathan & all his appointments. Also I can pace myself and take it easy as I get back into the work place again which can be daunting as we all know. Love to your family

  3. Gwen Tugwell January 29, 2014 at 11:35 am -  Reply

    Hello Gorgeous Girl,
    Lovely to hear from you with such an upbeat blog, I really admire your resolutions and just wish you all the luck in the world in keeping to them, I know with such a busy life as yours it won’t be easy, but if anybody can you can, although I have to say from where I’m sitting, “on the sofa with feet up” you look absolutely fine to me, but you know how you feel don’t you.
    Anyway all the luck in the world with everything,
    Love Gwen.

  4. Claire Sutton January 29, 2014 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    You’re a doll for reading my blogs:-) thankyou so much! Last night I did the spring greens satay one.. Delish and today after Pilates and a huge race to catch trains today I can certainly feel the old leggies!!!! Simon is soo funny and I do remember his disdain !!! Cheeky beggar but lovely with it!! Hope all is good with you? And yes I hate to say the Charlie machine was out in force on the gem show’ that boy needs calories to stay as slim as he is!! Still less for my children’s teeth now so all good!!!
    Lots of love from one Claire to another xxx

  5. Linda Thorpe January 29, 2014 at 7:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    I love reading your blogs, you are always so busy, running around looking after your little brood.. You make me smile reading it,it’s like you are sitting next to me having a good old gossip. .good luck with your Pilates, hope it helps you to feel more like your effervescent self… My family (my two sons in particular, Dan and Adam)have a habit of throwing their dirty clothes at the top of the stairs, and then walk past them umpteen times, until I finally give in and pick them up… I thought that’s just teenage boys, but judging by your Dan it will be the same with my Dan (and Adam) for some time to come. Look forward to seeing you on air, you always brighten my day..
    Lots of love
    Linda xxxx

  6. Pseu Donym ;) January 29, 2014 at 8:22 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    Wow, you really have been busy. It’s so lovely to catch up on your news! I know it is hard and takes a lot of time, but I love all your blog posts.
    Good luck with your cooking skills. Feel free to give me tips – I could burn water!
    Hmmm… I think you are straying into dangerous territory asking for bad habits. Let’s hear yours first, then I’ll share! 😉
    I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine. You deserve it!
    Keep smiling!!
    K. xxx

  7. Claire sutton January 30, 2014 at 11:44 am -  Reply

    Really really good luck for tommorow and your return back to working..I know so what you mean re appointments with Jonathan , Tom has a 3 monthly eye check, teeth check last week and I’ve still to do his thyroid bloods…never enough time, nor £ for those pesky car parks..!!!
    I’m doing Thai fish soup tonight …wish me luck! Oh and I’m so aching today..but all good.
    Lots of love c x

  8. Claire sutton January 30, 2014 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Oo I’m loving the sound of ‘ on the sofa with my feet up”… A perfect position!! Pilates yesterday and boy do I know it today..getting out of the car after Toms school run( hour round trip!) I tried to move but…couldn’t!! Off for coffee in a tic with my friend, another decrepit ex dancer who has just signed up for Pilates reformer classes too…we shall be extolling its virtues whilst gingerly strolling through the store!!!! Lots of love c x

  9. Claire sutton January 30, 2014 at 11:51 am -  Reply

    Maybe it’s the name!!!! But then again..I think it’s just life!! Whenever my mummy visits she tries to help me with suggestions to ease the stresses…trouble is after her last chat with them I got every single item of clothing ( even worn for all of 5 minutes!) in my pile to wash….still start young and they’ll be marvellous little helpful self sufficient adults ( in my dreams!)
    Thankyou ever so for chatting back ,
    Lots of love cx

  10. Claire sutton January 30, 2014 at 11:53 am -  Reply

    So the wine was…..perfect!
    How very kind of you to leave me a comment!!!!! Very lovely! And yes I shall be most adept and able to share my culinary skills …just give me a few years to perfect them…!!!
    Chat soon mr twitter,
    Love Claire xx

  11. Steven January 30, 2014 at 7:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    Great blog. Glad I had a coffee with me! Only kidding. Good luck with the pilates. I am keen to go to my own gym in my work more often. I go twice a week at present but would like to increase that. I’ll be 30 in a few weeks and want to start hitting the beer belly I’m fast getting! Are you not quite into your zumba too? Sure I remember a QVC show you were on and it seemed like a lot of fun.
    Sounds like you have had a busy week. Hope you enjoyed your shows. You always seem so enthusiastic on screen and that helps the viewers too to interact with you.
    Take care and all the very best in your fitness regime.
    PS You look pretty damn good to me.
    Steven xx

  12. Claire Sutton January 31, 2014 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Oh to be fast approaching 30!!!but yes I think any milestone birthday is a good plan to e happy with where you are ! Zumba was brilliant fun but the classes just will not seem to dovetail in with mine and the family’s schedules..
    Off out tonight with the girls! Luckily THAT fitted in .. Just! And an as usually busy weekend till I’m back on Monday.
    Hope yours is fun!
    Love Claire x

  13. Steven February 3, 2014 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    The dreaded Monday comes round to quick Claire! Hope you had a lovely night with the girls. Where did you work when you were 30 if you dont mind me asking? How long have you been at QVC?
    Steven x

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