Cat Joy!


Either my cat (Lucky) has a bad back, is trying to prevent getting a bad back, or is just a chancer! But lately she will not stop using my BackJoy.

I tend to use it when I’m sitting at the kitchen table on the computer, as I find it a real relief and makes the chair more comfortable, but when I pop it on the table, she is on it like a flash! She will sleep on it all night long and doesn’t seem to mind when the kids spin her round or when it rocks back and forward.400325-v-001I know that it took years to design and cost millions of pounds to get right, but I’d bet they never had it being used like this in mind. However, she looks so comfortable I just don’t have the heart to throw her off. I’ve even started vacuuming her hair off so I can keep it nice.


Pets don’t half have a good life!
Simon x


  1. SheMag September 16, 2016 at 9:27 am -  Reply

    Simon, she’s just being a very loyal pet and keeping your seat warm for you. Trouble is, she’s just too good at her job!

  2. Reykia September 17, 2016 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

    What a lucky cat. Funnily enough ,my cat Trinny does the same thing . The Backjoy seems to be just the right shape for cats. better still if preheated by owner first! X

  3. Simon September 22, 2016 at 6:48 pm -  Reply

    I never thought she was just being kind to me, but you are probably right. She sometimes wakes me up early in the morning( she must worry I will sleep in). Lucky is a helpful cat!

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