Jewellery designer Carolyn Pollack talks Sincerely to QVC


Sincerely silver apatite enhancer We're excited to be launching the new Sincerely by Carolyn Pollack jewellery range – a collection of bold, vivid and contemporary silver pieces, designed to capture the essence of the modern woman.

Ahead of the launch, we caught up with Carolyn herself to tell us about her jewellery, her inspirations, the latest styles and her top tips for QVC customers!

Can you tell us a bit about the brand and how you got started in jewellery design? 

Sincerely, Carolyn Pollack is so appropriately named! I'm involved in every aspect of the brand. From inspiration through creation I conceptualize every collection along with my design partner Susan, and bring it to sculptural, three-dimensional life along with our amazing Design and Development team.

It doesn't stop there, I actually wear and live each design before it goes into production. Our production studio is also in close daily contact with my husband Bill and I on any concerns. This is why I can say with confidence "You are going to love this piece!"

I have always been a designer, I was blessed to have a mother who was an exceptional seamstress. I began designing my own clothes, and she would bring them to life at age 12!

What's your favourite Sincerely piece? 

I live in the Silver Rodeo and Windsong Collections. Sincerely! 

What inspires you for designing jewellery?

I love to envision how our collector will feel when she wears her new piece. I have a vision for how a specific design, colour palette or silhouette will invigorate the clothing we all reach for as our favourites. How do we make it new, refreshed, updated?

With jewellery that makes a true statement of individual style and expression. I don't design jewellery to conform to current trends. Trends come and go. My wish is that you will always have a personal connection to my designs and the way they enhance your wardrobe, express your style, and remain in your life.  

What do you think is the hottest trend in jewellery right now?

Bold statement pieces. In step with the colour-block trend in fashion, you can create your own unexpected colour-block accent through a unique choice of accessories. Combine your colours in new, fresh, bold, unexpected ways, make it your own statement. There are no rules!

What's your top jewellery tip for the QVC customer?

Be you own fabulous self!


See the full Sincerely by Carolyn Pollack range

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  1. Jean Hardcastle October 24, 2011 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    Some lovely pieces Carolyn but can we have a few more of the reachable priced items -thanks.

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