Brad’s Hornby ad, Pete’s in the building! And ‘hang’ on…


Peter Andre's new single Biggest news this week is of course the imminent appearances of Peter Andre on QVC! Can't wait to see him next week and have already pre-ordered the single – great value considering all the extras on it! And what a great song 'Perfect Night' is too. My interview with him will be on Saturday night next week I think, and he's live on air many mornings from 27th. Will bring you pic when I can!

Also this week…
– my last trip to Bath as Lauren leaves uni, where we saw a really unusual instrument being played…
– my lovely new guy Rocker Nigel excels himself in the kitchen!
– and a trip down memory lane for Brad, courtesy of YouTube!

End of a uni era
Debbie and Lauren in a tearoom in Bath Lauren's done her finals, she's just waiting for the results, and hopefully we'll all be going down to celebrate her graduation end of July. So it was off to the beautiful city of Bath for a final meander down the fabulous lanes and one last tea before she moves out.

We went to a lovely tea room – patisserie cum deli – and had a truly tasty lunch. Whilst there we were intrigued by a very unusual ingredient listed on the menu board – what on earth's 'lovage'?!! As in 'pea, lovage and lettuce soup'. Ever heard of it? Me neither!

Soup menu and a sprig of lovage So what else would an inquisitive mind do but ask the chef. Turns out it's a herb a bit like celery – shame, cos I'm not a big fan of celery or I'd have tried this unique soup! It could have been my TiFFT (try it for the first time club) event for June! Well, another one – there will be so many!

Then it was time to relax and we went for an amazing spa session – a fish pedicure (yes, I know, I've been several times but for my lovely daughter  it was a first – she did giggle!) – followed by a hot stones massage. Soooo enjoyable  and relaxing – exactly what I needed after what's turned out to be a bit of a fraught week. If you get to go, it's the Champney's shop in the middle of Bath, and the therapist I had was called a pretty Cornish name, 'Loveday' – oh my goodness she was brill with the hot lava shells – as used on the Apprentice!

Afterwards we did a little shopping, and meandered down the pedestrianised streets, including where a totally quirky instrument was being played. Now I'm a sucker for anything that sounds relaxing, so you can imagine how quickly I gravitated towards this music being played by a charming chappie, ( and bought one of his CDs – what an amazing sound.

Ever heard of this instrument? It's called a 'hang'! And just in case it ever comes up in a pub quiz, the top's called a 'ding' and the bottom's called a 'gu'! haha! You learn something new every day eh!


Then the hard work continued as it was back to Lauren's student house to load up for the first trip back home with much of her 'stuff'. Eeek! My back room will be a tip again – and I'd just been on a cleaning stint 'cos of Nigel coming round! But hopefully unlike last year when she was home from Bath for five months, it won't be a mess for the whole summer, as she's planning on taking much of it all back there to live with her boyfriend Nick once she gets a job.

But it was lovely to spend a day with my clever daughter. Her own music is fab too – she's just finishing working on the website and when it's ready for public scrutiny, I'll tell you about it so you can tell me your favourite track. She's always sung and danced and played instruments since she was little, so it'd be nice if one day she actually used it in some way, but we'll see. Long as she's happy eh?

Brad the TV actor
As for my boy, well he's not as musical as Lolly, apart from that bit of singing he did a few blogs back! But back in the day, when the kids were small, and I had the time to traipse around London to auditions, my son Bradley did do a bit of modelling. Boy was I amazed to find that the ad he did for Hornby is on YouTube!

Gosh it took me back! He was so young and so handsome, bless him. Well he still is, of course, but he used to be soooo cute. Ok I'm biased but he was! Really strange watching videos of my boy back then – how time flies. He was about six and it took ALL day to record just that tiny little link! Anyway here it is – bless him!


Spag bol a la nino
He wasn't a child 'actorrr' tho – unlike a certain other person close to me. Yes, Rocker Nigel – my lovely new guy. As I may have mentioned we've known each other for years having been in drama classes together when we were teenagers, but recently sort of rediscovered each other and are having some lovely dates in the run up to our holiday next week in Center Parcs.

Well he was a successful child actor – for instance, he played a young Scottish character who was one of 'The Tomorrow People' in the 70s TV series, and it's funny seeing some of the clips of him as a kid on YouTube too!

Nigel's homemade spag bol Turn the clock forward 30 years and he's now a dab hand in the kitchen – so imagine my absolute and utter delight that he cooked a delicious meal for me at mine last Friday. He magicked up his own special sauce and it was blooming brilliant – the most tasty spag bol I've ever had – port and cashews included! Definitely a big tick in THAT box girls eh! Lol.

It was a very romantic time and I'm thrilled at how things are going at the moment. Praying for some nice weather next week of course, when we're away together.

Anyway that's all for now – don't forget to enter the book competition from last week, and soon I'll also bring you an insight into the life of a top London publishing agent – it's all go!

Best wishes,


  1. Michelle Roberts June 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, Nice to hear about Lauren and Brad, fingers crossed hope she passes all her exams, and more important finds a job she will enjoy, it’s a tough world out there for young people now!!
    Look forward to hearing her music.
    Just getting stuck into Clare’s book, finding it a good read so far, must admit had to stop reading last night to watch Butler and Wilson!!
    Glad the romantic front is still going well, hope you enjoy your holiday, think the weather looks good for you!!
    Debs you are right the little clip of Brad is so cute, i bet that takes you back does it make you feel old? LOl
    Have a great holiday, am i right in thinking a certain Peter might be on qvc late tonight, will be watching if he is!!
    Take care
    Michelle in a very windy Wales!!

  2. Susan June 25, 2011 at 4:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    I just really wanted to say how thrilled I am for you! You soo deserve this happiness with Nigel and I really hope you have a fabulous time away together. I imagine we’ll not here too much about it but I do hope it’s great. I also wanted to say how well Lauren’s done for completing uni and I hope she and her boyfriend get jobs and a home down in Bath as they hope.
    Take care
    Susan x

  3. Vee June 26, 2011 at 1:16 am -  Reply

    Have a lovely time at Center Parcs with your new fella, hope it doesn’t rain too much. Could you also post up details of the website to find out the Kipling monkey names. Couldn’t find Marie-Francois on Facebook x

  4. Susan June 28, 2011 at 9:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Just wanted to say I saw your launch the other night of Philosophy and you looked lovely. Outfit was great. Have you been away yet?? I thought you looked a tab sleepy (no offence intended) but wondered if thatwas coz you have a fun weekend?!
    Susan x

  5. Lucy June 29, 2011 at 12:19 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I LOVE your blogs and I’ve enjoyed reading this one in particular as you’ve solved a mystery for me ……. I live not too far from Bath and have been there twice for shopping and a meander in recent weeks. Both times I’ve been, I’ve seen this fella playing his instrument (in fact, last Saturday, there were two people playing them together!) but always wondered what it actually was – and now I know!!! A “HANG” – how fabulous – I stopped and listened for a while as I really liked the sound but I didn’t get to ask the fella what the instrument actually was.
    Have a lovely time in “Center Parcs” with your new man!
    Best Wishes, Lucy

  6. debs July 7, 2011 at 3:21 am -  Reply

    Michelle – keep me informed about how you like Clare’s book! And hope you got to see my interview with Peter Andre? He was fab! I’m just awaiting the arrival of my single I ordered now!

  7. debs July 7, 2011 at 3:22 am -  Reply

    Hi Susan! Thanks on all four counts! lol. I guess sometimes at 2am I do look a bit sleepy! hehe!

  8. debs July 7, 2011 at 3:23 am -  Reply

    Vee – thank you it was fabulous at Center Parcs! Read the new blog week ending 8th july for more info! and the page on facebook to find Marie is ‘, marie francoise presenter woolf I think! good luck!

  9. debs July 7, 2011 at 3:24 am -  Reply

    Lucy – always glad to help hon! Yes the ‘hang’ was fascinating eh! I bought the CD! lol

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